To my Sleeping Someone

28 05 2003

In honor of a ragamuffen and a fool, I offer this tribute to the man of my dreams . . .

What Dreams May Come

I dreamt of roaring waterfalls
The deafening
amazing pow’r
Left me to ponder,
Jaw a-slack . . .

But then a train
rushed by my back!
I lost my footing in its wake
As all the earth began to shake
I stumbled,
groping for my moorings . . .

Could this be
The end of me?
The end of y’all?
The end of all?!?

I woke
and Lo! I understood
all was peaceful
all was good
the night was calm
and thus, it seems,
my mind had drawn him
to my dreams.

I smiled across the inky space
At what, I guessed, must be his face,
Whence came the snorings.




6 responses

28 05 2003

A new reader for you!

What a great poem! I loved the lines, “I smiled across the inky space/At what, I guessed, must be his face…” Perfect picture drawn.

I’ve been writing little literary gems as of late, but mine just don’t seem to receive comments that’d lead me to believe that I should keep them coming. 🙂 *sigh*

Lolah 0:)

(Actually, Lolah is the name I use in my online diary…I’ve gotten so used to typing that in whenever a label for myself is needed. 🙂 My name is Maryah.)

28 05 2003

Re: A new reader for you!

Well, thankee, Lolaryah! Welcome!

I hope I’ll occasionally say something worth your while. EZ

28 05 2003

Trust me, Sweetie…in the literal world, this would resemble my life a great deal!

I like try to give the truth scope…and all that jazz. ::wink::

28 05 2003

Scope is great when the truth needs a little minty fresh help!

I’m just happy to have a place where all the nonsense that usually stays cooped up in my dizzy little head can run wild and free. And then people actually read it and make comments. This LJ business is fun! EZ

28 05 2003

hehe. that made me chuckle…mostly because i can relate. i’ve added you to my friend’s list. it’s easier than reading you from ragamuffen’s.


28 05 2003

Nice to meet you!

Thanks! I’ll add you to my list, too. EZ

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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