Here comes the bride, gettin’ on her jive!

2 06 2003

This evening I had a fun assignment. I had to choreograph a bride-and-groom dance for a young couple whose wedding is in two weeks. I’ve known the bride since she was in sixth grade and the groom since they were in high school. They are coming over tomorrow for me to teach it to them, and then they will do it as their spotlight dance at their reception. The song they picked is Natalie Cole singing “Love Was Made For You and Me” from her Unforgettable CD.

They really want to wow their wedding guests with this, so I’m not cutting them any slack! This was my strategy: I start them out simple–nice, but not too impressive. You know, lull the spectators into a state of non-expectancy. On the second verse, the dance gets spunkier with a few turns thrown in. (She assured me she’d be able to do turns in her dress!) That earns them a few approving nods from the crowd. Then comes the musical interlude, and it’s time to bust loose! I hope Luke is here tomorrow when they come, because he’s a great dancer and could really help the guy learn his parts. Plus, I’d like to let them watch us do it first so they’ll get excited about learning the steps and putting the right attitude in. Anyway, after the interlude, they have one more verse, which remains high energy, ending with the groom spinning the bride twice, then dipping her. They will be SOOOO adorable!

I know the bride is up for this. And the groom loves her so much, he will give it his best shot just to make her happy! Making up dances is always fun, but wedding choreography . . . well, you just can’t beat it. It seems symbolic of so much more. The leading and following, learning to be in step with another person, finding your rhythm as a couple. I don’t know, maybe it’s nothing more than just enjoying each other! But that’s enough. Two people dancing their way into a lifetime together.

I really do love this part of my life.



5 responses

2 06 2003

I know that couple.

Wade and Natalie!

The dance sounds fantastic. They have a good teacher!

2 06 2003

sure you mentioned that im a great dancer… but once again you left out that i was rakishly handsome… hmph


3 06 2003

All at once my heart took flight!

Any man who is a great dancer is automatically rakishly handsome by default. ;o) Just don’t abuse your power, my son.

Love, Momzy

3 06 2003


But, shhhh! Don’t tell. They want this to be a surprise, the little cuties.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. :o) EZ

3 06 2003

Not a word!

What a wonderful idea they had. And what fun for you!

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