Beyond appearances

3 06 2003

She’s always been
the kind who
jumps right in,
feet first,
gung ho,
lets go,
and come what may,
she’s always been
the one to seize the day.

She never tests
the waters,
for she knows
that those
who do
seldom jump.

And so she grabs life
by the tail,
And she sets sail.

People see her as the one
who’s always laughing,
living, dancing,
having fun.
And envying her joie de vivre,
they all believe
her life is free of care or woe–
even those who know
the wound she bears.

Time, they say,
heals everything.
Surely time and
countless kindnesses
have covered over
sorrow’s sore
and seeping scar.

But no.
The wound remains.
And when she’s
all alone
she sometimes
feels it like
the day her heart first broke.
Then she remembers
Him who spoke.

Falling on her knees
she sees
once again
a million mercies
crashing in.
She breathes an air
more fair,
and hears a voice
so still
and yet so strong,
she longs
to stay
until the pain is gone.

Sorrow is a faithful friend
for in the end,
she guides us to
the place where we



4 responses

3 06 2003

I love this entire thing and the feel of it just flows almost like a good cry that is followed by a laugh, and that just works doesn’t it?

My favorite part is:
Sorrow is a faithful friend
for in the end,
she guides us to
the place where we

3 06 2003

Thank you. I can’t exactly explain how much your comment means to me, though I’ve been trying to figure out a way. So, I’ll just say thank you again and hope you feel the depth of it. EZ

3 06 2003

Sorrow Once Took Me To Dinner And A Movie

Nice. I very much enjoyed the lyricism of the first and fourth stanzas.

4 06 2003

Hey, as long as Sorrow is paying . . .

Thank you! I’m happy to know you enjoyed it, especially since I so love your writing. EZ

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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