Dear Live Journal Friends,

5 06 2003

I had somewhat of an out-of-body experience last night. I opened my e-mail for a last check before going to bed. The homepage said Inbox-1.

I recognized the sender immediately. A publisher I had sent a story to. She hadn’t needed it.

Hmmm. Wonder what she wants?

She wants the story after all, and she actually wants me to write her another one. By June 20. This would be a REAL assignment from a REAL publisher for REAL money. Before you go assuming that I get these all the time, this would be only the, oh let’s see, I’ll have to count them up . . . FIRST time this has happened.

So now I can’t just play on lj today. (That’s the downside.) I actually have to write with attention to sentence structure, number of adverbs, show-don’t-tell, and all that jazz.

Granted, it’s only a 1500-word short story, and it’s going into a gift book — the kind you give your sister on her birthday, and she says “how lovely” and you say, “glad you like it” and then she sets it out on a table b/c it’s a decoration sort of thing. But it’s pretty exciting for me. :o)

Well, so, I thought I’d share my little happy moment with anyone who wanders into this post.
And may you have the peachiest of days,



9 responses

5 06 2003

That is soooo fabulous! I am thuper exthited for you!!!

I lisp when I get excited, sorry. Heh.



5 06 2003

Your black hen and mine!

Thanks! :o) Yeah, yeah . . . I know. I’m not supposed to be in here. But who can resist someone who wants to share her excitement? You’re so much fun. he he

5 06 2003

I hear Hemmingway started the same way …

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! That’s wonderful! I can say I knew you when!! Can I call up Random House and ask for your extension? TERRIFIC!!!! I’m so proud! This is great!


5 06 2003

Things are pretty random at our house . . .

He he. Your enthusiasm is great! Thanks!! I’m excited, and it’s so much more fun if other people are excited, too! :o) Because . . .

the rest is just work. I wrote all afternoon, and I’m still way shy of 1500 words! And now, when I go back and review the assignment, I’m not even sure I’m on the right track. If it weren’t for all those restricting guidelines! :o) Eh, but I’m not really complaining. I’m just a spoiled brat. I mean, why doesn’t someone want to pay me to ramble about nonsense of my own choosing? Please don’t answer that. Oh well, back to work.

5 06 2003

My Day Was More Of A Prune

I cannot even imagine your excitement. Congratulations!

6 06 2003

YAY! does this mean you can buy me that pony?!


6 06 2003

A Pony named Ed . . .

as in Education. This means I can remove one pebble of the mountain called College Expenses.

Pony Shmony. (Good name for a rock band.)

Love, Momzy

6 06 2003

Just a “regular day”, eh?

A prune. You do make me laugh!

6 06 2003

Oh yeah . . .


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