Like a kid with a new toy.

7 06 2003

♥ Ha ha! I just had to try that after seeing it in Ragamuffen’s journal and then reading her instructions. Fun! I don’t know how to make ANYTHING like that. Well, I guess now I know how to make ♥ . But nothing else. Where does one go to find the list of “super-cool symbols to impress your friends”?

Okay, this is very sad, but I’m in need of a fix. Only two days away from my live journal, and already I’m anxious to write something in here just for the fun of seeing what other people say about it. Comments are addictive. I ♥ comments. :o) But today will not be the day I write anything worth commenting on, b/c I still have to pick music for *ahem* church tomorrow morning. (Don’t tell anyone that I put that off till Saturday night.) So, I can’t stay and play. Even though I would ♥ to. (Yeah, yeah. Overkill on the ♥ )

Pleasant dreams to all,



7 responses

7 06 2003

too late, Mrs. D.
your secret is out


7 06 2003

seriously! 2/5 (not including you) of the band knows now… muhahahaha! you are done for missy!


7 06 2003

Don’t you just ♥ fun journal entries? I do too!

I also ♥ great e-mails…even though I am WAY too bushed to respond to them tonight.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Procrastination can also breed the most spontaneous beauty…never forget that.

8 06 2003

To Messieurs DavM and Luke: FYI

Before you go spreading nasty rumors, I didn’t use the phrase “put off” in a general sense, but rather in reference to a one-time event. I’m normally more on top of things. At least a little. And besides, we don’t practice until Sun. AM anyway, so what difference does it make?

Hope you’re feeling better DavM. Missed the viola this morning. And as for you, Luke, well all I have to say for you is . . . thanks! I’m gonna miss you in the band when you go. And maybe a little bit in other ways, too. In fact, here’s an ode to you:

The shadow of your smile,
The clutter in your room,
The odor of your socks
That overcomes the gloom.

I know this makes no sense
But neither does “your face”
So you, of anyone,
Should comprehend the meaning of this ode.

Ha ha. I love ruining the meter and “rhyme scheme” at the end. Such is the extent of my rebellion. I’ve always been one to live on the edge. Okay, later kids.


8 06 2003

good name for a rock . . . er, praise band?

Maybe if we call our church praise band Spontaneous Beauty, everyone will assume that’s what they’re hearing! ;o) Thanks for wishing as much on us. I do hope that we manage to provide a back-drop for others to worship, b/c that’s our raison d’etre. And even when I choose the music late, that doesn’t mean I haven’t prayed about it early. (Are you reading this, Luke and DavM???)

Thank you, RagaMuffen, for being one of the most encouraging people in cybersville! ♥ EZ

8 06 2003

Re: good name for a rock . . . er, praise band?

i read you loud and clear
i think i lost most of my rights in commenting on your choice of picking-music-times when i didn’t even show up this morning, though.

gulp…and i could use a cookie


9 06 2003

You know where the cookie jar is! Hep yersef. :o)

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