Run like the wind, soar like an eagle, and live! Just like a living thing in June.

9 06 2003

I should be sleeping right now. Tomorrow I need to get a lot done, and then I’m going to Dallas to pick up Grace at the airport. Yay!! I’m excited that she’ll be home for a month. The times when all five of us will be here are going to be fewer and farther between from now on. So I have every intention of soaking it all in. Wallowing in the presence of my precious children. Adult-ish children love it when their presence is wallowed in. Oh, yeah! They can’t get enough of Mom and her prying questions about everything that’s going on in their lives. That’s what makes life worth living.

Her flight arrives around 7:00 PM. We’ll spend the night at my parents’ house and then go shopping on Tuesday. I’ll let everyone know if we find any $3.46 bargains. I’m not holding my breath. So then, after we do our part to improve the floundering economy, we’ll drive home from Dallas.

This is a busy week! I have an appointment in Tyler on Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday I have practice sessions, a bridal shower/slumber party, a luncheon, and a rehearsal dinner with people associated with the two weddings I’m playing/singing in on Saturday. That’s going to be an interesting adventure. The first wedding is in Kilgore at 4:00 PM, and the second is in Jefferson at 6:00 PM. I’ll miss the rehearsal for one and the reception for the other. (Thus the extra practice sessions.)

So, why am I telling my journal and any possible reader this boring stuff? Because I probably won’t have much time to write in here this week. And I want you to know why. Don’t give up on me. I like my new journal friends.

For those who have asked, I have two more stories ready to send the publisher I mentioned in my earlier post. One of the two I wrote specifically for her. The other I already had. It fits the topic, but not her guidelines. When I e-mailed her and mentioned it, she said she’d like to see it anyway. If she likes the story, it could be adjusted for her purposes. A big THANKS to all of you who have expressed interest and excitement. Of course, she may not like either story. But, that’s why I want to send them tomorrow, b/c the deadline is June 20. I’ll still have time to start over if necessary.

Okay, well I’m sure anyone who’s read this post this far is probably scratching his/her head and wondering why any publisher would want the writing of a person who rambles while saying not much of interest and jumps from topic to topic like a jumping thing in June. (BTW, that’s our favorite simile around here. It says absolutely nothing. Try it some time. The formula is simple: whatever verb you’re using, repeat it again in “ing” form in front of “thing” and then add the current month.)

I’m so pooped, I could sleep like a sleeping thing in June. I’ll catch you journal types later. Until next time.
♥ EZ



4 responses

8 06 2003

“Hey, Ma, What’s With The Question Mark Shaped Crow Bar?”

Congrats on finishing your story and best wishes on your endeavours for the week 🙂

9 06 2003

“The better for prying into your privacy, my dear!”

Thanks ever so much! Best wishes to you, too, valiant Sir Fool.

9 06 2003

your face!

when you break down the simile of the gods into a mere formulaic piece of tripe it loses its whole potency! im not telling you the secrets rights of passage to the insult of the gods…


9 06 2003

heehee i misspelled rites…


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