A Sonnet to the Dancer

15 07 2003

The music and the pulsing of the throng
Were pounding in my head a steady beat.
I felt myself submitting to the song;
I watched myself rise slowly to my feet.
But then across the room I caught His eye.
I blushed and quickly dodged the piercing glance!
Yet, all at once, it was just He and I —
He gently whispered, “May I have this dance?”
I looked from outstretched hand to patient face
And sensed the grave importance of my choice,
Then let myself dissolve in His embrace,
Enveloped by the music of His voice.

I see now that the choice was never mine:
This orchestrated waltz with Love divine.



10 responses

15 07 2003

That was a very well done sonnet, Dearie!!

Nice work…bravo and all the trimmings of success!


15 07 2003

But wait! I thought I ordered medium rare.

Thank you so much! I do love sonnets. Always have. I suppose some may think them outdated, but I’m drawn to the form.

Do me a favor and let me know what the trimmings of success look like, so I won’t miss them if they happen this way! ;o)

I’m loving the Cody story. Loving the story and loving Cody. And loving you, too. You have a wonderful voice. Keep using it! ♥ EZ

15 07 2003

my momzy is a poet! beautiful work momzy!


15 07 2003

Re: But wait! I thought I ordered medium rare.

Thank you so much for saying the things you do about me indulging myself with the Cody story.

And the trimmings of success look like a happy family, a house of your dreams and getting to do the things you love. Sound like you are close?

And as far as rare…you, my friend, are certainly rare…much more rare than mediumly rare. Highly rare…with a rare talent.

15 07 2003

Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, and Momzy

Thank you, Luke! You are a sweetie, and I love you. M.

15 07 2003

My best reference!

Wow! I’m a success and a rare talent. Highly rare even. Ragamuffen said so. I’m going to put that on my resume. But more importantly, I’m going to feel special and loved and appreciated.

You are so adorably kind. ♥ EZ

15 07 2003

A Bonnet, Worn For Prancer

Wonderful! Brava!

16 07 2003

A Comet, Shorn By Handshears

Thank you! Grazie cosi tanto!

18 07 2003


My favorite line:

“I see now that the choice was never mine” — love the syntax.

18 07 2003

Re: Excellent!

Thanks! I’m honored! :o)

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