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19 07 2003

Yeah, so, Luke and I went to Tyler last night and saw three bands: The Connotations, Ester Drang, and the incomparable Eisley. I was extremely sleepy before we even got there, due to the fact that Thursday night George and I had dinner with friends and then played cards until mid-night. (We played “nertz” — a game known by many other names, some of them not G rated — it’s basically super-fast-paced multiple solitaire. Very fun.) I had to get up early Friday morning to go to my writers’ critique group in Longview. So, like I said, I was sleepy.

The venue was very nice. Brewtones is a coffee house that uses the Vineyard Church facility. It’s ideally suited, with a large room, a stage in the corner, effective lighting, and powerful sound capabilites. The first band was good, but a little too screamy for me. I prefer singing to screaming, but I could appreciate their talent even so. Their music was spunky, and they kept encouraging everyone to dance. So Luke pulled my sleepy self out there and we cut the rug.

I know I’m a very blessed mom to have a son who enjoys my company and doesn’t mind showing it. We had already been waltzing and swing dancing to the pre-concert music playing on the sound system. For their last song, they played one called “The Best Girls are From Texas,” or something like that. It wasn’t a country song by any stretch, but they put out another plea for dancing. So Luke looked at me, raised an eyebrow and said, “Line dancing?” We went for it. The beat was 4/4, which is all you need. Even in my weary state, I had a blast. I guess Luke is just trying to remove any possible doubt that I’ll miss him terribly when he leaves for college in two weeks. No need. I WILL miss him terribly!

The second group was very good! Sort of an impressionistic sound . . . moody and mellow. I sat on a soft sofa and vegged during their set. Nice interlude. A funny conversation occurred during that time. Luke went to stake out a spot for Eisley’s set, and I remained on the cushy couch. The woman sitting next to me asked if I lived in Tyler. When I told her where I was from, she mentioned she had driven from Alabama with her cousin just for the concert. I asked how old her cousin was, and she said eighteen. Then I said, “Oh, my son is eighteen, too.”

“That’s your son?” She asked, surprise in her voice. “I thought he was your boyfriend! You look so young!”

Like I said, the place had very effective lighting! I’m sure the fact we were dancing together had confused the issue for her, too. But, I must admit, such confusions are always welcome at my age.

So, (this is turning out longer than I anticipated!) Eisley finally set up to play. I joined Luke where he was standing at the stage, and we had a pretty decent view. What a great band! They do have that something special . . . that spark of creativity — the right sound for the right moment. It’s a perfect combination of whimsical lyrics, haunting melodies, rock beats, and three cute blondes looking and singing like angels with attitude. Ethereal voices and heart-breaking harmonies. They played three brand new songs — one they had just finished writing the night before called “Trolleywood” which was just pure delight. An astute critic described their music as fairy-tale rock. (Possibly coining a new term?) They are definitely on to something good.

Well. Enough about that. A fun time with Luke. (I didn’t even get into how we solved the world’s problems on the drive over!) I’m trying not to think about the significance of what happens in two weeks. I’m thrilled and excited about the opportunities ahead for him, and I’m so glad he’s going. But after eighteen years, he’s one of my better habits. (Thanks, Luke, for taking me to the concert, for asking me to dance, and for being such a delight! I miss you already.)



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19 07 2003

awww… what a delightful story! Luke’s a lucky guy. 🙂 You’ve got me interested in finding out more about Eisly.

Hope your time together is wonderful.


19 07 2003

Eisley should be paying me for this! :o)

You can check them out at http://www.eisley.com. They have some downloads on their site, so you can get an idea about the music. Luke spends lots of time on their message board, too. The band is a family from Tyler: the brother plays drums, two of the sisters play guitar, and the other sister plays keyboards. A friend plays bass. They’ve signed with Warner Brothers and toured this summer as warm-up for Coldplay. So doors are definitely opening for them! It’s especially fun for us to watch it happening, because Luke was a fan before they did anything but local coffee houses.

Thanks for saying Luke is lucky. But honestly, he’s easy to love. :o)

20 07 2003

i just hope someone at wheaton knows how to dance. i miss you already momzy.


20 07 2003

i would definently suggest downloading the mp3’s they are amazing. not the older ones so much but the newer ones. they also have an EP out called Laughing City that you can buy from Amazon or any other online purchasing thing, or if there is an independent record store somewhere near you they might have it there. its like 7 bucks and well worth it. everyone should spread the eisley goodness around.


20 07 2003

Okay, that does it.

Now I’ve got to hear Eisley. And learn how to dance! And I don’t mean the bobbing around, jerking around stuff we did in college. (Do you remember “I Just Want to Celebrate” by Rare Earth? That’s the kind of stuff I used to dance to.)

I can just picture you two dancing away. You’re both so darned talented and agile. I’d be jealous if you weren’t so cute!

Last night my family and I went to a big, wild wedding in Nacogdoches. (Well, the wedding wasn’t wild — the reception was.) They had music and took over a big dance hall the bride and her brother (my cousins) own and had music and three levels of people dancing away, and I looked at Doug and my nephew and pointed to a dancing cage on one wall. (Shades of the 60s.) I said, “So, how much would you pay me to get in there and dance?” (Knowing that Doug and my nephew know I wouldn’t do it for anything.)

Ha! I should have known Doug’s answer would be a quick and rather painful one!

“I’ll pay you $100 not to do it!” he answered.

20 07 2003

Just dance the first one in my honor, okay? ;o)

Ah, Luke. I can see it already. There are always so many girls that know how to dance. They will be waiting in the wings, and when they find out there’s a guy who not only knows how to swing and fox trot and waltz, but ALSO knows how to LEAD, they will descend upon you like ducks on a june bug. You’re gonna have a wonderful time!

Of course, all of this AFTER you’ve finished your studies. :o)

You won’t miss me much. And I don’t want you to. I’m so excited for you! XXXOOO, M.

20 07 2003

Doug is the one who should be locked in a cage!

Aw, how mean! I can’t believe Doug said that to you. I would have gotten in the cage just to spite him. Of course, I would have gotten in the cage either way! ;o)

I do love to dance. There’s a wonderful freedom in it. And Luke really is good at leading. He’s one of the few people I can dance with and not end up taking over.

The dancing of the 70’s had its moments. I mean, if you really mastered disco, it could be lots of fun. (Look at John Travolta!) Break dancing . . . robot . . . ah, yes, fond memories! Much of the stuff people still do to R&B and hip-hop music has its roots in the 70’s. But lots of people did just “bob and jerk” as you so aptly described it.

That reception sounds great! I love wedding receptions with dancing. Luke already says that he wants to have a Latin mother/son dance at his reception. That boy is an adorable mess!

20 07 2003

Re: Doug is the one who should be locked in a cage!

i think you mean “rakishly handsome mess”


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