24 07 2003

I want to go on record right now as saying I am thankful.

Question for the day: what do the following letters have in common?


The first person with the right answer wins.
(I’m wondering, can you tell that I am wasting time? Heh. I thought so.)




13 responses

24 07 2003

you get extra points for each of them in scrabble!

24 07 2003

The letters least likely to be picked in the final wheel of fortune round?

25 07 2003

You are right (about the points), but you are wrong. :o) Good guess, though. Probably better than the “real” answer.

25 07 2003

Good try, Vanna.

That’s probably true, but not what I had in mind. :o) I’ll see if anyone else ventures a guess before I give the answer.

Maybe I should have done one of those “answer appears at the end of the column” things like Marilyn Vos Savant in Parade Magazine. Do you suppose that’s her real name? I mean, isn’t that a little coincidental that a person who supposedly has the highest IQ of anyone has a last name like Savant? But then again, you had your angel-friend, Keith Holy. In real life, I guess it’s possible.

25 07 2003

They Have So Very Much In Common

1. They’re the only consonants in the word “paquavoxyez”
2. It’s the bleeding password to my on-line banking program! I wonder if I should go change it now?
3. Since time immemorial elephants have refused to give their children names beginning with these letters, and they won’t explain why.
4. These were Oscar’s favorite letters, and he kept them hidden at the bottom of his trashcan.

25 07 2003

Not so common after all it appears.

1. That made me laugh out loud.
2. Wait a few days and give me time to, uh, never mind. No, I don’t think anyone would mess with your account. (How much is in there?)
3. Wow, it must be hard being an elephant. Not only do they never forget, they keep all those memories secret!
4. How would you know?

25 07 2003

“Can You Tell Me How To Get, How To Get To Commie Pinko Street”

4. I discovered this during a black ops CIA mission. I can’t really say more than that, but I will warn you to NEVER turn your back on Elmo (I still have a scar).

25 07 2003


I can’t believe a skinny, fuzzy red guy took you. A red guy who giggles, no less. What happened to the black belt in Hop-Kitty? ;o)

(Okay, I know it’s very pathetic to laugh at one’s own imagination, but I am just trying to picture YOU doing something called Hop-Kitty, and that is cracking me up. I wish they gave awards for dorkiness.)

26 07 2003

and the dork of the year award goes to…

you would win hands down. love you mommy!


26 07 2003

Is That Hello Kitty’s Brother?

This is exactly what I’m talking about! Your little red laughing boy spent twenty-six years in the Mossad and is known in Syria as “The Puppet of Death.”

26 07 2003

Re: Is That Hello Kitty’s Brother?

“The Puppet of Death” Ooooo, scary! That strikes fear to the heart like . . . well, like someone telling you he has a black belt in Hop-Kitty.

You know, I’ve always had my suspicions about Hello Kitty. A little TOO innocent, don’tcha think? And why do you find her picture on a t-shirt sold right next to a black one decorated with a rhinestone skull and crossbones and the words “Vampire Princess”? Yep. She’s up to something. Elmo’s moll maybe? I bet you know.

26 07 2003

I’d like to thank all the little dorks who made this possible . . .

How sweet! Thank you, Luke. I love you, too. ♥

27 07 2003

Okay, here’s the answer. (I know everyone lost sleep over this.)

I’m posting the answer to my question here, because there’s no way I’m gonna post it out there in a new thread. Why? Because it’s STOO-PID! But I did enjoy your answers, which is really the only reason to ask a pointless question.

Okay this is what P Q V X Y and Z have in common (among other things you have mentioned, such as the password to fool’s bank account . . .):

Those are the only letters in the alphabet that are not included in the names of my immediate family. So, really, Luke is probably the only person who reads this journal who could have guessed that, b/c I don’t think anyone else knows all our middle names. Yeah, I’m sorry. That was a dumb question. But like I said, I was wasting time. Thanks to all you troopers who participated! Give yourselves a gold star.

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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