Grace, then Luke, then Peter Pansy

14 08 2003

I’m very excited. Grace comes home from Costa Rica tomorrow! We’re driving to Dallas to pick her up at the airport, and I imagine she’ll be tanned and talkative. I can’t wait to see her pictures and hear her stories. She kept a travel journal, and in her last e-mail she told me that she didn’t think she could possibly remember everything she wants to tell us without the pictures and journal to help her. It has been an amazing and wonderful six weeks . . . all she hoped for and more. Isn’t it lovely when life happens that way?

Luke is still in the wilderness somewhere surviving on pine cones and dragon flies. Heh. Not really. They have dehydrated food. Yum. I think the hidden agenda is for the students, upon their return, to truly believe their dorm beds and food are superior to anything else on the planet. Can’t wait to hear his stories, too. We’ll see him on Thursday when we join him at Wheaton for freshman orientation. Grace is coming with us, because she and Luke are already experiencing brother-sister withdrawals. They don’t want to wait till Christmas to see each other again. I can’t complain. I’m glad they love each other!

Yeah, so, anyway. The weirdest thing happened today. I was driving to the post office, and this skinny little guy dressed in green tites and a tunic (a la Peter Pan) jumped out in front of my car. I slammed the brakes just in time. Then he just stood in the middle of the street doing this little dance sort of thing. His eyes were wild, and his face was all red. He had a pointy goatee, and his hair was sticking out all spiky on his head. He just kept dancing and leaping in the road, and I wondered if I should try to go around him, or maybe call the police on my cell phone. I was worried about the little guy dancing like that in the heat and all. He looked to be about 40 years old or so. It was hard to tell really. (I didn’t have any people of other ages dressed in green tites to compare him to.) Well, so while I was pondering what to do, suddenly it started to rain. But only over the little guy in green tites. When he leapt, the rain cloud followed him. “This is amazing,” I thought. “I wish I had my camera.” He pulled out a small bow and shot arrows into the cloud, all the while performing his frenzied dance. Just when I thought the whole thing couldn’t get any more bizarre, butterflies flew out of the holes he’d shot in the cloud. They surrounded him, grabbed him with their little feet, and lifted him off the ground. They carried him up and he disappeared into the cloud. Then the cloud disappeared, too. I sat in my car deep in thought till someone honked behind me, stirring me from my reverie. I waved an “I’m sorry” wave and drove on. I was glad I did, too. The post office was having a sale. 37-cent stamps for only 32 cents. That’s the weird thing. They were losing 5 cents on every stamp. Can anyone explain that?



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15 08 2003

Wow… the 60’s were good to you, weren’t they???

15 08 2003

Sixties Schmixties

I was but a wee lass in the 60’s you silly. No hallucinogenics for me-twiddle-dee. Honestly, I can’t explain that post. It just happened.

15 08 2003

Re: Sixties Schmixties

BIG Grin.

19 08 2003


repeat after me:
acid is bad

go ahead, now it’s your turn.

Never Mind The Bullocks,

19 08 2003

I know what you mean.

Once I got some acid on the sleeve of my shirt, and oh man, it ate a hole right through the fabric. So, yeah. You’re right about that, Ryan. But then again, they say that coffee is acidic, and I love coffee. Especially really good coffee. Which is why I’m excited about the coffee Grace brought us from Costa Rica. And the chocolate-covered coffee beans, too. So, hmmm. I have mixed feelings on acid.

You should see a doctor about that “Bullocks” problem.

20 08 2003

Miss you. Please come back soon.

20 08 2003

Aw, thanks! I’ll be back next Tuesday. Thanks for thinking of me! ♥

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