So sing to me!

9 09 2003

Today is my birthday. :o)



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9 09 2003

Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday Dear Ellezymn! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

I hope every candle has a wish that comes true for you and everyone you wish happiness for!

I’ve missed you!


9 09 2003

definently do not expect anything like a letter from me and definently don’t expect it to be late since im not mailing it not tomorrow… yeah… im not doing anything… nope…

happy birthday!


9 09 2003


Well, then, that means a wish will come true for you, because I truly wish you happiness of the most delightful sort! I’ve missed you, too. I check your journal every day. :o)

♥ EZ

9 09 2003

I will most definitely not eagerly look forward to receiving the letter you are not sending.

Thank you.

Love, Momzy

10 09 2003

Awwwwww!! HAPPYyyyyyyyyyy… Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, and to … you… (improvising an old Cracker song)

HAPPY B’DAY!!! The world is one year better for your being in it!


Hope it was a wonderful splendiferous B’day!


10 09 2003

I just gotta chime in …

… and say “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

10 09 2003

how sweet. :o)

I can’t really “hear” the song, but it certainly looks enthusiastic! Thanks for saying the world is one year better for my being in it. That is really nice!

I did have a spendiferous day. I got to chat on-line with Luke, talk on the phone with Grace, went to dinner and Pirates of the Caribbean (I hadn’t seen it yet, and oh man! Wow! Pirates rule!) with George, got some cards and e-mails from friends. I also had an imaginary birthday party with ragamuffen at 4:28 PM this afternoon. On the whole, I’d say I felt quite loved and celebrated.

And, of course, I received heartfelt wishes from Allen B. Who could ask for more?

Thanks again! EZ

13 09 2003

Another Late Breaking Reply … THIS JUST IN!

Awww… well it’s true! I’m around unfortunately few optimistic people on a daily basis, (Yesterday was a VERY encouraging exception), and you are always a refreshing apertif after a meal of cold negativity.

I hope your b’day was wonderful, and the imagination birthday party was great! I’d have been there too, but work kept me away. Your imaginary gift is on its way via imaginary FedEx.



13 09 2003

Re: Another Late Breaking Reply … THIS JUST IN!

Yippee! The imaginary Fed-Ex truck just arrived! You’re so thoughtful, and what great taste you have! I can’t wait to wear the imaginary feather boa and fuschia colored elbow-length gloves. I think I’ll debut them at church tomorrow. Seems the appropriate venue, don’tcha think?

We missed you at the party. Next time we’ll plan around your schedule.

Happy Saturday! EZ

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