Where words took me by surprise.

1 10 2003

I could find lots of reasons not to like the fact that my husband spends four days and three nights a week out of town. But I’ve found one delightful reason to like it.

He writes me e-mails.

“Big whoop,” you may be thinking. “What’s so special about e-mails?”

I’m glad you asked, because I really wanted to tell you. It’s the way he writes. It’s the way his words move me. And it’s the way I’m transported back to a narrow little aisle, turning a dial, and finding notes that had been stuffed through the small slit in the front of my college post office box. Little folded scraps with whimsical bits of verse. Or just one or two lines communicating so much more than a casual reader would have noticed, but they made my heart beat faster. Words that showed me my soul had found its home.

When he’s here, he doesn’t write me. He doesn’t have to. When he’s gone, he writes. And when I read, my heart flies straight back to the place it lived when I was twenty-one, and I realized beyond all doubt I’d found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

I do miss him when he’s gone. But I must say I’m enjoying this unexpected pleasure. I’m twenty-one again. I’m in love. And my heart has wings.



8 responses

1 10 2003

awww you are too cute.


1 10 2003

Maybe so. But YOU are rakishly handsome. (You take after him, you know, word boy.)

2 10 2003

Wow… I hope your Hubby knows how lucky he is, but I have a feeling he does. 🙂 Garsh, this was just beautiful! I feel all squishy now. 😛 (Um … that’s a good thing) This one brought tears to my eyes.

You tell it so beautifully too! I wish I had a better mental image of you. As it stands right now, I think of you as a giant eye. Which could be better or worse than the image I have of Luke, who apppears as a stick figure.

Have a great day, Supermodel.

2 10 2003

Yeah, he knows. I remind him every day, just to be sure.

Thanks, Allen. You are always so kind.

A mental image, eh? Well, I don’t look like a giant eye for starters. Until I get around to posting a photo, you can pretty much picture me as a Kristin Scott Thomas look-alike. I can’t begin to tell you how many people — both acquaintances and total strangers — have told me I look exactly like her. When we go out of town and people look, point, and whisper, we just assume it’s another KST sighting. It has become a family joke of sorts. If you saw The Horse Whisperer, that’s the right hair cut.

Okay. There you go. Now you have your Supermodel image. I understand how you feel. I’m very visual and like to “see” the person I’m talking to.

Thanks for feeling squishy over my story. That’s a high honor.

♥ EZ

P.S. Luke actually is a stick figure.

3 10 2003

What an absolutely wonderful story. I can never get Stevie really into the e-mail world. It seems I owe you more of a Stevie story than I thought!

What a great relationship you have.


3 10 2003

Oh, you (lovestruck) kids!

What a nice post to read. I love hearing about couples madly in love, even after children and careers and life and stress and everything else.

And you didn’t mention the homecoming, you minx!

3 10 2003

Story swapping.

Yes, dear, you owe me a Stevie story. In fact, I just decided you owe me whatever stories I happen to fancy at any given time. This is a great arrangement for me. I will always be entertained at the click of a mouse.

I do have a very wonderful husband. Our relationship has its warts, like all relationships do. But I know I’m blessed.

Looking forward to reading “Stevie and Ragamuffen: The Great American Love Story.”

♥ EZ

3 10 2003

Insanity lends itself to being madly in love.

Yep. George came into my life, knocked me off my feet, and struck me with love. I still think I should probably sue.

We’re really pretty normal as far as weirdos go.

And about “the homecoming”, I don’t have any minks. But thanks for the offer. (Yeah, I know it doesn’t make any sense. That’s my strategy.)

Speaking of love, how are things going with you and Adkins?


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