Things that amaze me

8 10 2003

The rule is when yucky stuff happens, you’re supposed to count your blessings. That’s a pretty good rule. So I start counting them about like this:

1. my family
2. my friends
3. my home
4. my health
5. my model-gorgeous looks
6. yada, yada, yada

Yeah. You get the idea. Remembering my blessings does cheer me up. Even more than chocolate.

But, as wonderful as my blessings are, and as truly thankful as I am for them, there are some other things–really simple, ordinary things–that amaze me right down to my toes. The more I think about them, the more I marvel and become speechless with awe.


It’s something to do with light and spectrum and what-have-you. That’s not what amazes me. I mean, think about it, people. Color! The greens of growing things, the blues of the sky, the glorious riot in the produce section of your local Piggly Wiggly. Doesn’t it just break your heart?


Sound waves striking the eardrum at different frequencies. But what is it really? Why can harmony make me cry? Why do rhythms make me dance? Melodies enter my soul and touch a place I never knew was there. How does it do that? How can music without words change my mood? Moonlight Sonata. Bolero. Adaggio. It takes me captive and moves me to its will. Why am I dumbstruck when I hear a small child singing on pitch . . . clear, pure, perfect tones? How does anyone even know how to sing?


A tiny person with paper-thin fingernails and wispy eye-lashes. Skin so soft it’s like rose petals. Perfect little fingers and toes. So helpless and yet possessing boundless potential. A story that is just beginning. A warm, living, human being who didn’t exist a year ago, but is now an eternal soul. The image of two parents stamped with the image of God. When I see a new-born baby, why am I compelled to reach for that little hand? I think it’s because I want to touch a miracle.

Words. Beauty. Love. Forgiveness. Grace.

Seeing someone’s soul in his eyes.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stressful currents of everyday life. And it’s easy to become discouraged and cynical. Next time I end up there, I’m going to take myself down to the Piggly Wiggly and let the piped-in music set my feet to dancing right down the produce aisle. And I’ll stay till the colors have worked their magic. Then I’ll leave. Amazed.



4 responses

9 10 2003

i liked the soul in peoples eyes thing. that happens to me sometimes. i love it when it does. but its always a bit unnerving. to see someone for real.


9 10 2003

Makes you want to wear dark glasses.

Yes, it can be unnerving. Doesn’t it just send a jolt straight to your gut? It’s like this embarrassing moment of seeing someone unclothed and suddenly feeling exposed yourself.

Yep. Amazing.

xoxo, Momzy

10 10 2003

Hey, stop staring!

Sigh … this was beutiful. There is so much out there to love and enjoy and be amazed by. Fall is starting to teeter here. We’re all placing bets that it’s going to topple any moment now. Should be festive.

I always look forward to your postings. SOOOOO vivid.

10 10 2003

Re: Hey, stop staring!

Stop staring at what? Are you a vegetable in the produce aisle? ;o)

I love autumn. When we lived in Virginia near the Appalachians, it was so beautiful it took my breath away. I’d have to pull my car over just to gawk at the patch-work quilt spreading out over the foothills.

Enjoy! EZ

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