you model that role so gracefully . . . even on crutches

14 10 2003

My seventy-three-year-old dad had hip replacement surgery a week ago. Osteoarthritis in his left hip was causing him extreme pain and limiting his activity level. Bone on bone will do that to you.

So now he’s home rehabilitating. If they tell him to stretch at least three times a day, he’ll do it five. Dad is a doctor’s dream patient. He doesn’t complain. He just cooperates. And he writes them thank-you notes after his surgery.

Though he’ll be on crutches for three months, he tells me he plans to be snow skiing before the season ends this year.

When I grow up, I want to be just like him.



2 responses

14 10 2003

i love Papa Jim. too bad no one told me about his surgery… GRRRR!


14 10 2003

My, my, but aren’t you the delusional one. I don’t suppose the e-mail I sent you the day before and the update I sent you the day of the surgery count as “telling” you. Or, could it be you simply don’t read my e-mails??? MmmmHmmm. This explains a lot . . .

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