RagaMuffen’s poetry challenge

15 10 2003

This is my first-ever attempt at a RagaMuffen Poetry Challenge! Kind of fun. If you want to participate go here: ragamuffen and check it out. (The words in bold writing are the ones she listed in the challenge.)

On Aging Gracefully

A brief and fleeting memory,
A delicate, delusory dance
Of masquerading mystery
Creates a most convenient trance
Transports her to a secret place
Where wisdom wanders warm and wild,
The lines of failure leave her face
And once again she’s morning’s child.

She laughs at winter’s idle threats
Of naked branch and barren earth;
The music in her mind begets
An early spring of endless worth.
While others spend their waning years
With ordinary cares and woes,
She smiles at what she sees and hears
Where her imagination goes.



2 responses

17 10 2003

Quit yer cryin’!

It’s good! It’s REALLY good. Lovely work. Now please stop crying! I can’t bear to see a woman cry.

17 10 2003

Re: Quit yer cryin’!

*sniff, sniff* Okay. I’ll try. *wipes glistening tear from her delicate cheek*

Ha ha. I’m not really crying, silly. Fishing for comments. Gotta have those comments. LJ approval is all I live for. It’s the butter on my bread, the cream in my coffee, the icing on my cake, the . . . um, shoe on my sock.

BUT, you are in for a rough go if you don’t learn how to bear to see a woman cry. Don’t let those vixens manipulate you, sir. It’s not all a big show, but 99.9% of it is. Yep. Crying 101. We all take it when we’re about 18 months old. (We cry before that, but not specifically to bend the male species to our wills.)

Having said that, THANKS for thinking (or at least pretending to think) my poem was good. Even “REALLY good” and also “lovely.” You are such a nice guy.

Now, *sniff, sniff* go get me some chocolate.

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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