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16 10 2003

I guess, judging by the influx of comments, no one (of the five people who read this journal) likes my “Ragamuffen Challenge” poem. Except Ragamuffen, who posted her comment on the poem in her own journal. That’s okay. I’ll just go cry.

Okay, I’m back. So, you were wondering about this grand town I live in. (Don’t argue with me. You were wondering.) Well, it’s officially famous for the Fire Ant Festival and the Wonderland of Lights. But I prefer to think of it as the Pokey Driver Capital of the World. Based on the size of the town, it should not take more than five minutes to get anywhere. Based on the speed of the drivers, it’s best to give yourself at least thirty.

Everyone should know that Switchfoot is a very good band.

Oh, oh, oh. Speaking of bands, this was very funny to me. I read a little devotional book called Daily Light, which consists of selected scripture readings centered around a specific topic each day. Today, one of the verses was Ecclesiastes 9:10, which begins, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.” (I’m getting to the funny part, in case you were wondering.) I recently purchased a new copy of this devotional, because mine was tattered and falling apart. There’s a typo in my new copy. The verse reads, “Whatsoever thy band findeth to do, do it with thy might.” So, rather than meditating on what the real verse says, my goofy mind goes off imagining this as a theme verse for rock bands everywhere. I’m so glad God is patient.

My next post is going to be about the Louis twins. So spread the word. Tell all your friends. Or not.

And now, in honor of the upcoming World Series, I leave you with this:
“Some folks say it was a miracle. Saint Francis suddenly appeared and knocked the next pitch clean over the fence. But I think it was just a lucky swing.” Jack Handey



5 responses

16 10 2003

I loved your poem, honestly.

I LOVE Switchfoot! Dare you to move, amazes me!


16 10 2003

well, i read your poem and i liked it but i just don’t comment much.

17 10 2003

Like today never happened

Oh, yes! Amazing song. I love when he goes off “I dare you to lift yourself, to LIFT YOURSELF UP OFF THE FLOOR!!! I DARE YOU TO MOVE, DARE YOU TO MOVE like today never happened . . .” I like to sing that in my car and throw my head back and just wail it to the heavens as I drive down the road at about 10 miles per hour. (Pokey Drive Capital of the World.)

And thank you for your kind words about my poem. I just felt like whining there a bit, but not in any serious sort of way. My whining amounts to self-amusement in a strange, twisted way.

Thanks for being someone who makes me smile every day.

17 10 2003

Re: Like today never happened

One time at my Mom’s church in Baytown this traveling youth performance group came and did a human video to that song. *they just lip synced and moved about* Any way, this was way before anyone I knew was really listening to Switchfoot. It was amazing. I asked the director if they could do it again so I could tape it, mostly to hear the song…he let them. He was flattered. Oh my word! That song really makes you think and absolutely makes you sing out loud…but THANK HEAVEN! I never sing in range of others.

And if you think I make you smile everyday…believe that you make me as well.


17 10 2003

Oh, thank you, Alisha. Don’t mind my whining and begging for comments. (Though I truly do like comments.) Feel free to read and not comment ever if you so please. It’s nice to know you are reading it!

When you’re ready, I’d love to have an update on Ice-cream. I hope your whole adorable family is doing well.

♥ EZ

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