Public Notice

24 10 2003

To whom it may concern, being any and all interested parties, as defined by LJ statute 97.B, please be informed and hereby cognizant that the LJ user known as ElleZymn will be out of town, i.e., absent from LJ Land and Cyberspace in general, from October 25 until October 31, aka Halloween. Said LJ User, hereafter referred to as EZ, is leaving on the morning of Saturday, 25th October, with six friends of questionable yet non-felonous character for a seven-day and/or week-long excursion; in the vernacular: a Girls’ Road Trip.

During said excursion, the following agenda (as per GFF Road Trip Guidelines, Section 40.2, p. 238, paragraph 8.B) supercedes all known agendas, past, present, future, or imaginary:

— One evening at the Grand Ol Opry, tickets having been reserved, paid for, and confirmed by Hillbillies R Us Ticket Service
— One evening linedancing at Wild Horse Saloon in downtown Nashville. Members of GFF hereby refuse to accept dancing invitations from any drunken rednecks, unless said redneck requests the Pennsylvania Polka, as per Guidelines, p. 3, paragraph 2.A
— One private, command performance by up-and-coming Nashville band, Mike’s Chair,, as per insistance of GFF member, Jill, whose son plays violin in said band.
— Rental of small, zippy motor cars to drive through Smoky Mountains and watch the leaves fall. Members of GFF hereby promise to obey all laws regarding limitations on speed and noise levels, especially recommended decibels for public laughter, p. 6, paragraph 7 of aforementioned Guidelines.
— Purchase and consumption of fresh, handmade caramel apples in Gatlinburg, TN. Members of GFF will limit said purchase and consumption to two (2) caramel apples each per day. Probably.
— Playing sardines in three-story rental “cabin” (i.e., lovely home) in the Smoky Mountains. GFF members promise not to ridicule (too severely) members who express fear of dark and/or reluctance to reach into unfamiliar closets to find warm bodies hidden there, based on GFF Guidelines regarding ridicule of members, p. 52, paragraph 5.C
— We will curb our sarcastic tendencies. At least we will try.

For help deciphering legalese as contained heretofore in said document, contact luke, resident expert on non-sensical, important-sounding legal jargon.

For advice on transporting drunken wombats over state lines, contact fool. The GFF owes him a debt of gratitude in this regard.

One last important detail. If you miss me, I’ll love you forever. ♥ EZ



6 responses

24 10 2003

Noooooooooooooooo! Are you kidding me? I already miss!

I do hope you have so much that it should be illegal.

Girlfriends, huh? What a concept. I am totally fascinated.

Much much much love to you!

Be safe, but full of abandon!

And we will expect details upon your return!


24 10 2003

I love you forever!!! :o)

“So much fun it should be illegal” is our motto. “Safe, but full of abandon” is our creed. Details forthcoming for sure.

I’ll miss you, too! You and your beautiful, whimsical, magical words. Write some while I’m gone. Please.

Much much much love right back to you! EZ

24 10 2003


Oh, OK, have a good time! You’re gettin’ round my part of the country! I’m ’bout an hour or so South of Nashville. Wave at me before you leave Nashvegas. ;oP

love yaz!


25 10 2003

Do you know the Pennsylvania Polka???

Really? Only an hour south? Wild Horse Saloon. Thursday, Oct. 30. Be there. :o)

♥ EZ

25 10 2003

Obligatory comment 1.1a concerning the Public Notice posted in this journal.

obligatory comment 1.1a:

Luke (heretofore known as ilitherian or simply Party A) desires to express with the deepest and utmost sincerity his desires concerning the aforementioned plans that take place on annual frequency by the aforementioned GFF (including all members both real and implied, official and unofficial) with a special notice given to the member known commonly as Jeanne, or to certain people to whom such a title is apropos, “Mom” (heretofore known as Party B).

His desires include (but are not limited to) the following items:
1. That all parties involved will have a safe time in regards to everyone’s health and general lack of serious injuries that might hamper a general sense of amusement and relaxation.
2. That all parties involved (especially Party B) will obey the regulated law at all times in the states they will be visiting so as not to incur any fines or penalties as provided by the legislatures of the state governments respective.
3. That Party B might extend this following query on the behalf and in the stead of Party A to a certain aforemention member of the musical ensemble Mike’s Chair who happens to be named Jesse: “What is up?”

Party A also wishes to remind Party B that prayer as prescribed by the Holy Bible as accepted by the traditional Christian religion will be made on a nightly frequency on behalf of all parties involved in these ventures pertaining to the aforementioned desires and others.

Party A

25 10 2003

Re: Obligatory comment 1.1a concerning the Public Notice posted in this journal.

Thank you, thank you, oh, and thank you.

You got one thing right, dearie . . . life with you is a PARTY!!!

Time to be off . . .

xoxoxoxo, Party B, aka Momzy

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