sometimes the unexplained can define you

8 11 2003

“If wishes were horses, then you’d be my horse come true!” –Nathan Miller



3 responses

9 11 2003

what a great song. (the one you quoted, i don’t know if i’ve heard the one that is listed under current music).


10 11 2003

Yes indeed.

That line has been galloping through my brain. Get it? Galloping. Oh man. Too bad that’s not funny.

Well, now you have heard the song listed under current music. And it’s a good’un, is it not?

I had fun today with Jill and little Grace and her friend, Ashley, who came for lessons, too. Cutie pies. I told them you said hello, because your wish is my command. Within reason. ;o)

Love you!!!!! Momzy

10 11 2003

Re: Yes indeed.

aww thanks sweetie mom cakes.

it is pretty good. i mean as far as songs go and all.


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