More nonsense . . . Or The O. POV, continued.

17 11 2003

Sam Borders’ reputation had preceded him, and Rae felt less than enthusiastic about meeting him for lunch. She’d purposefully dressed down, having heard he preferred his women in short skirts and stilettos. Only three months earlier, Rae had broken off a year-long relationship with a man after finally realizing he viewed her as an accessory. Full of himself and his image. So what if I’m jaded, Rae thought. The last thing I want is to spend an hour rebuffing the advances of another jerk. She intended to take care of business and get out of there.

When Rae looked up at the man who’d approached the table at Pasta Bella, her first reaction was surprise. She’d expected an expensive suit and a cocky swagger. What she saw was a rugged-looking guy with windblown hair and a day’s growth of beard. He was wearing rumpled cargo pants and a pullover sweater. She also noticed–and wanted to slap herself for it–his eyes were amazing. Like sapphire marbles with shades of blue swirling in every direction. He looks like he belongs on a hiking trail, not at a business lunch, she thought.

Rae couldn’t believe this poster boy for REI could be the narcissistic womanizer she’d heard so much about. After introducing herself, she realized why. He wasn’t Sam Borders. Kyle Everett. No suit. No swagger. He even seemed a little shy. She smiled.

Why is he just standing there? He looks confused . . . and really cute. Her mind added that final thought almost against her will. She invited him to sit, which he did. Then he made the “beautiful woman” remark. She was aware she should be irritated, but how could she when the very next thing he did was knock his file off the table? How unpolished and refreshing! Someone real. And, oh my gosh, is he . . . ? He is! He’s blushing!

The fortress Rae had built around her heart had thick walls. It would take more than a sheepish glance from a sensitive mountain man to break them down. But she felt a small quiver at the foundation.

I never realized how adorable a flustered man could be. As much as she was enjoying herself, Rae wanted to put him at ease. “So, Kyle, how long have you worked for Borders Advertising?”

“It’ll be two years next month.” His voice broke slightly on the word “years.” He cleared his throat and took a sip from his water glass. The grin that followed seemed to offer an unnecessary apology. For Rae, every moment of this encounter was proving more delightful than the last.

Why is he looking at me like that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such intense eyes before. She smiled deliberately, then looked down at her papers. All at once, Rae realized she wanted to look good, to sound good, to be good. Not just in appearance, but in reality. She hadn’t felt like this in longer than she could remember. Had she ever felt like this? Rae wanted Kyle Everett to like her. She wanted him to know her–the real her–and truly like her. Or even love her? She wasn’t ready to think about that.

She lifted her eyes to Kyle’s face and met his gaze. She caught her breath. Her hands felt cold and her face felt hot. I think he already does.



4 responses

18 11 2003

since when did you write romance novels? you are supposed to writing a book on suffering… if i wasn’t such a romantic i would postively think you were silly…


18 11 2003

Fun With Fiction

Heh. I was just amusing myself with this silliness. So, what do you think, Luke? Do I have a future in Chick Lit? ;o)

19 11 2003

Re: Fun With Fiction

totally… not that i spend hours reading chick lit… because i don’t… uhm… ever do… that… LOOK OVER THERE!


19 11 2003

You are so cute!

My, how you do make me laugh! Thanks for being so adorable.

Love, M.

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