Now, boys and girls, it’s time to make new friends!

18 11 2003

Be forewarned. I don’t know how to make the LJ link with the cool faceless head thingie beside it, so I’m just going to have to settle for a regular link. But, head or no head, everyone should know about a new livejournaler (who actually does have a head): wordgeek.

Wordgeek is new to LJ but not new to me. In fact, if you remember my long-ago post about two little cuties who call me Supermodel, Wordgeek is their dad.

When I started my journal, Ragamuffen introduced me to her LJ friends, and that’s how I met some of you. So, even though I don’t have nearly as many fans as the lovely Muffen, I want to spread the goodness and do the same for my buddy the geek. Go check out his journal. Make him feel at home. He’s a cool person and a talented writer. I like him mucho. You will, too!

♥ EZ



4 responses

19 11 2003

He totally seems like a lot of fun. I didn’t add him to my friend list right away….don’t want to scare him. I will keep up with his journal.

Thanks for the intro. See, you are just the nicest thing!

19 11 2003

Yeah, because you are SO scary!

News flash! You’re the kind of friend anyone would be honored to have. I learned my niceness from you, remember? ;o)

♥ EZ

19 11 2003

Re: Yeah, because you are SO scary!

Awwww! Can you see me blushing from there?

Thank you!

And I’ve learned tons of niceness from you, as well!

Now just hone me up on the there grammar and spelling skills, little lady!


20 11 2003

Grammur honin’?

Shore thang. I’s happy to hep ya with grammur and spellin’. Jes’ foller my eksample. Yull go far!

Actually, dear, if you have grammar and spelling issues, you hide them well. And your words are so magic, they make up for any little flaws that may occasionally crop up. But if you honestly think I can be of service, I’d be more than happy to! Just let me know what you have in mind.

♥ EZ

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