They book you at the library.

18 11 2003

PSA: The most entertaining part of the newest Strong Bad’s e-mail is the Grammar songs at the end. Click on the flexed arm drawn on the final announcement of the local news. Then just keep clicking the CD cover till you’ve heard them all. So great! I enjoyed a jolly laugh there, folksies.

Confession. I haven’t checked a book out of our local library in several years. Between the books we buy and the ones I borrow from friends, I haven’t had the need. But now I have a growing list of books I want to read (thanks in part to some of you for your recommendations). So last night, I told George I thought I’d be needing a new library card. If I can even find my old one, I doubt it’s still valid.

“Yeah,” he said. “They updated their system. I had to get a new card about a year ago. It’s a process now, though.”

“That’s okay. I’ll just go through the process,” I said.

“They fingerprint you . . . and take a mug-shot.”

“Yeah. Whatever. You’re such a liar.”

“No, really. And they take you in this back room . . .”

“Oh, right. I suppose they’ll shine a bright light in my eyes and question me.”

“No. It’s just the regular fluorescent lights. But they do question you.”

“George, you’re not a very good liar.”

“If you don’t believe me, go see for yourself! Right now!”

“It’s after 10:00 PM. They’re not open.”

“Go tomorrow then.”

“Okay. I will.”

“Okay. Good. You’ll see.”

Now, I ask you: are we normal? Because sometimes I just have to wonder.

Have a peach of a day, journal friends. I love you! EZ



7 responses

18 11 2003

LOL! That sounds like a conversation that Stevie and I could have. And he jokes about everything! Everything! With a straight face and sadly I am more naive and or gullible than you would believe.

19 11 2003

Beware the Library Policeman!!! YIKES!

19 11 2003

George is good at keeping a straight face, but I don’t believe him. He would tell you I do, but no siree. He can’t pull one over on me.

However, I think when I go get that new library card, I’m going to be sure I look my best . . . just in case they do take my picture. Better safe than sorry. If I ever make the overdue books most-wanted list, I want to do it in style. ;o)

19 11 2003

Just don’t make me wear an orange jumpsuit. It’s not my color.

Hey! Welcome back. I’ve missed your comments. :o)

♥ EZ

19 11 2003

Re: Just don’t make me wear an orange jumpsuit. It’s not my color.

Awwww… Thanks! And btw, I like Orange Juice too.

19 11 2003

Yep! George is right.

Maybe it’s just the policy up there in Banditland, but he’s right. When I was still living there, I went in to have my card renewed. They led me in the back room for a mug-shot, questioning, and what-not. I don’t remember the finger printing, but I think they did take a blood sample for DNA testing.

19 11 2003

Re: Yep! George is right.

Blah, blah, blah. You’re a dork. In fact, consider this your formal invitation into the ADC (Adorable Dorks Club). George is the president. I’m pretty sure you could qualify for an office. The meetings are held in my imagination, and they’re always quite interesting.

Tell your little wife to take up the offer from Ragamuffen and start a journal. Just her song lyrics alone would draw a crowd! :o)

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