Love at the Art Table

19 11 2003

This was by far her best “A” yet. Blue is the right color for A, Madeleine thought, as she put the finishing touches on the large block letter. It looks just right with the pink alligator behind it! She glanced up from her coloring book to see the new kid, Trey, staring at her from across the table.

“How many are you?” Madeleine asked, breaking the ice with normal small-talk.

Trey studied his right hand as the thumb wrestled the pinky into place. “Fwee,” he answered, holding up the triumphant fingers.

“Me, too!” Madeleine exclaimed. Small world!

The sun shining through the window behind Madeleine’s head made her bronze curls glow like a halo. Trey was smitten to his toes. “Will you marry me?” he asked.

Madeleine looked him over. He has freckles, she thought. She leaned over and blew at some loose glitter on the surface of the art table. It scattered everywhere like tiny flecks of golden fairy dust. I like freckles. “When?” she asked.

Trey figured, if he took a heavy load every semester and also went to summer school, he could finish college by age 21. “Recess?” he suggested.

Madeleine picked up her green crayon and turned to the next page of her coloring book. “Okay.”

Trey smiled his undying love and gratitude. Then he skipped over to the block center.

Madeleine’s expression grew thoughtful. Green is the perfect color for a penguin . . .



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