More friends, more fun

21 11 2003

Having recently introduced my good pal, wordgeek, in my journal, it is now my heartfelt pleasure to introduce his charming wife, Mrs. Workgeek, aka Miss One Thousand Spring Blossoms, aka Circle de Cocinelles, or more simply, cocinelle. Mrs. W. is a spry little chicky who likes romantic movies, good books, speaking in foreign languages–both real and imaginary–and quiet walks in the rain. Drop by her brand spankin’ new journal and shout out a little “howdy.” (They’re Texans, y’all.)



2 responses

22 11 2003

They both seem awesome! I can’t wait to get to know them better!

I’ll be gone the entire week of Thanksgiving…when I get back I should have plenty to catch up on! I’m ESS ITED!!!


22 11 2003

Have a Happy!

We’ll be gone the week of Thanksgiving, too. We’re going to Florida to spend it with George’s family. Luke is flying in from Chicago to meet us there. I’ll still have interent access, though, so I’m sure I’ll bop into journal land now and then.

Have a great week!

Love, EZ

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