Oh please.

26 11 2003

Sunday we drove to Mobile, Alabama, half-way to our destination on Florida’s east coast. I took books and the daily paper to help pass the time. I had almost finished working the crossword puzzle in the newspaper, but couldn’t figure out what to put in one space. So I asked George if he knew.

“The clue is ‘maker of garments’. So far I have S-A-blank-T-O-R. And I know all of those letters are correct from their crosswords. The crossword for the missing letter is part of a foreign phrase I don’t recognize.” I read the phrase. He didn’t recognize it either.

He thought for a moment. “It’s a B.”

“Sabtor?” I asked. “That’s not true. You’re making it up.”

“No, I’m not. It comes from the root word ‘sab-ay’ meaning ‘cloth’.”

“Sab-ay?” I repeated, laughing. “George, I’m not stupid.” I fixed my eyes on his profile, knowing he wouldn’t be able to stick to a story this ridiculous for long.

He tried to keep a straight face, but a grin swamped his efforts.

“Sab-ay,” I muttered, shaking my head. Turns out the letter was R. A sartor is a maker of garments. But then, I’m sure you already knew that.



7 responses

26 11 2003

HaHa. Man I miss George.

26 11 2003


How is your spouse?

27 11 2003

He misses you, too. He finally stopped crying about it, but he still has to attend group therapy sessions.

27 11 2003

Sensitive, artistic, fashion trend setter, etc.

Still the hunkiest megadrilologist this side of the Mississippi.

4 12 2003


I’m back from being gone

And the cross word thing, Kindergarden stuff (sabtor) its a taylor on Sunday morning….Geesh

5 12 2003

Is that from “sab” in sabbath and “tor” for TailOR?

Where were you when I was stumped? :o) We’ll have to take you along on our next marathon road trip.

5 12 2003

Re: Is that from “sab” in sabbath and “tor” for TailOR?


see its esy, I do cross words all the time * smile * and can always finish. You just have to be genius, like me.

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