3 12 2003

I need to update in a major way. But it’s not happening tonight, because I’m so sleepy! I’m about to scuffle on outta here and hail a taxi to dreamland. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll write a nice, newsy post about Thanksgiving in Florida, including Luke’s and my amazing Cirque du Soliel routine we made up using the ledge around a fountain at the posh Gaylord Palms hotel. We were awesome. That’s why people stared at us. And then I’ll tell you how George took a wrong turn and we almost starved to death in the car, but fortunately there was another exit out of the hotel parking lot, so we survived. Don’t lose sleep over it. I know I won’t. In fact, here I go to prove it right now.

Good night. ♥




2 responses

4 12 2003

cirque du soliel!

how come i’ve no one to do cirque du soliel with?
or dance with…

4 12 2003

Is that a trick question?

Hey . . . I need to talk to you about music. Are you and Ryan planning to do that arrangement of Silent Night at church or somewhere else? Also, I want our band to work up a couple of Shane Bernard songs I like a lot. Nice parts for strings! :o)

Call me, please. Thanks!

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