Food for thought

18 12 2003

“The possibility of error is a necessary element of any belief bearing on reality, and to withhold belief on the grounds of such a hazard is to break off all contact with reality. The outcome of a competent fiduciary act may, admittedly, vary from one person to another, but since the differences are not due to any arbitrariness on the part of the individuals, each retains justifiably his universal intent. As each hopes to capture an aspect of reality, they may all hope that their findings will eventually coincide or supplement each other.

Therefore, though every person may believe something different to be true, there is only one truth.

Michael Polanyi, Personal Knowledge: Towards a Post-Critical Philosophy, Chapter 10, page 315.

Having college-aged kids home for the holidays ups the intellectual ante significantly. I’m already struggling to keep the pace, and Luke’s not even here yet!



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