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4 01 2004

Between Christmas and New Years we went to Colorado for a week. Skiing, snowboarding, major mountain majesty. That was some awesome awesomeness, let me tell you. But one of the funnest things we did was go to a movie. Peter Pan. Now that was a great movie! It was delightful, well-cast, and the special effects were terrific. But best of all, my kids and their cousins dressed up in costume. Before we left for Colorado, Grace called all her cousins, gave them their character assignments, and instructed them to come prepared. She and I went to Wal-Mart and bought some green fabric to make Luke’s costume. We also found a light blue nightgown, satin slippers and ribbon to make hers.

I cut out a tunic for Luke, tattered the shoulders and bottom edges, and laced up the sides with leather cord. With his gray thermal underwear, a black belt, and his calf-high black leather boots with silver buckles, he looked like a cross between Link from the Legend of Zelda and a rakishly handsome Peter Pan. Hottttttt! :o)

Grace was Wendy. She tied a long strip of pale blue ribbon around the gown to make an empire waistline with a bow in back, and she wore another blue ribbon in her swept up dark blond curls.

Their cousin Nathan made a keen pirate in khaki pants cut off at the knee, knee socks, black chunky shoes, a white long sleeved shirt and black vest, eye patch and knit cap. Luke let him borrow his pipe.

Cousin Anna was the perfect Tigerlilly: Long brown braids, a fringed indian dress, head band and moccasins.

Cousin Ashia rocked as a punk Tinkerbell: Pink tutu, black sneakers with pink shoestrings, hair done up funky like two blond antennae, foil covered wings, sparkly powder on her face, and a wand with a star on the end.

Cousin Brandon looked like the sophisticated John: Top hat, glasses, nightshirt, umbrella.

Cousin James, the youngest at ten, was the obvious choice for Michael: Large t-shirt, PJ bottoms, teddy bear.

Cousin Pierce completed the cast as Captain Hook: Scarlet red bathrobe, long naturally curly hair, white shirt, brown knickers, white knee socks, black shoes, pirate hat, coathanger hook.


Bear in mind that all these kids, except James, are in high school or college. And they were all totally excited about this. They posed in the theater lobby for pictures and sat in one long row in the theater. One movie-goer asked if they were a drama club, and looked surprised to learn they were all related and just dressed up for fun. Another man who came with his family purposefully sat near them and identified each character for his kids. The concession stand workers thought they were great.

I suppose some families might think us a bit odd, but my kids and their cousins have been playing Peter Pan since they were small children. Neverland is in their blood. They do believe in fairies.

I think (and hope) they always will.



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5 01 2004

Clapping My Hands… I believe too!

What a wonderful story! What an excellent idea!! That sounds like SOOOOO much fun!!! It must be great being a member of your family! 😀 Welcome back, you have been missed.



5 01 2004

Haha! You guys are so WEIRD!

5 01 2004

Re: Clapping My Hands… I believe too!

We do have a jolly time! Don’t you pity folks who grow up?

Thanks for the warm welcome back. Nice to hear from you! Oh, and thanks for the Christmas card. :o) You’re sweet!

♥ EZ

5 01 2004

Oh, c’mon! You know you’re just jealous. ;o)

I hope the Geek family had a grand holiday. My love to Mrs. G. and the munchkins.

xoxo, Supermodel

6 01 2004

I’m so glad you are back!
I’m so glad that you had a great time while you were away!
It’s good that you have seen Peter Pan, because it rocked!
Your family sounds like a blast!
Did I say how happy I am that you are back?
No? Well, I am!


6 01 2004

If I were a twelve-year-old girl in reality (as opposed to in emotional maturity and body type) I would so be in love with that adorable Peter Pan! Gah! What a doll!

I’m happy to be back, too, and extra-happy that you are happy I am back. Wheeeee!

♥ EZ

7 01 2004


The real test is if only one of you will go dressed up. People will do anything in a group. But, as I know you guys, I am sure you pass the test. You are probably shopping at Kroger right now with Peter and Wendy beside you:) And we all know that you probably wait for them to go out for the night and then you and George steal their outfits and think happy thoughts (that doesn’t sound g-rated, but neither was the movie, and you’re adults so I guess its okay even if that is not how I meant it). What the heck. You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!

7 01 2004


Ha ha! You know it. The oxygen gets pretty thin up there.


7 01 2004

THAT is so cool

I want to be apart of your family! So dont e shoc when you wake up so some strange girl eating breakfast in your kitchen


8 01 2004

Re: THAT is so cool

Yay! My kitchen is always open! Do you like Fruit Loops? (I’m referring to my family, of course. As far as cereals go, I can buy any kind you want.)

I’ll leave the light on.

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