Wow! That’s a HOT picture!

14 01 2004

The headline said, “360-degree picture released from Mars rover.”

For a brief moment — a very brief moment, mind you — I thought it was referring to temperature. Honest.



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15 01 2004

And when I saw one of the pictures, my first thought was…

…”where’d they get that close up of my face?”

15 01 2004

Conspiracy Theorists say….

You know that picture was taken in New Mexico. Even the moon-landing films were made in a warehouse in Detroit. The astronauts were all hypnotized by the military so they would have the same story when they “returned.” It was all a publicity ploy to win the cold war. Similarly, this “Mars landing” is just another part of the War on Terror.

15 01 2004

Yeah, but . . .

The real question is: can you touch it without getting burned?

15 01 2004

Your face?

I don’t think you and I saw the same picture!

17 01 2004

Oh, yes.

The bumps, the crevices, the cracks. The red dust.

All me.

18 01 2004

LOL! Not true. I’ve seen the recent icon photograph, so I know.

But thanks for a good laugh. :o)


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