“I let myself believe the outside might just bleed its way in.”

31 01 2004

Cause us to stand to our own conscience clear,
Cause us to be the thing that we appear.

I copied those two lines from a poem by Amy Carmichael. “Cause us to be the thing that we appear.” Such a simple prayer. But, oh, the implications! In all honesty, sometimes I’d rather not be the thing I appear to be. Cranky. Selfish. Petty. At other times, when I manage to appear wise or gifted or worthy of honor, I wonder if I truly deserve the respect, praise and admiration I receive. Am I what I appear to be?

Such a simple prayer.

Today it’s mine.



One response

1 02 2004

all that and a bag of potato chips

We have such small minds that our concept of the bigger picture, of what we look like over the course of our lifetime must be different from the truth somehow.

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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