joys like shooting stars, lovely, momentary, delightful

31 01 2004

George is excited. He typed my name into an author search on Barnes & Noble, and my book came up. He was so cute about it, he made me laugh. I love that he’s proud of me. George is adorable.

This evening I’ve been working on choreographing a spotlight dance to “At Last”–the great old Etta James song. The couple I’ll be teaching it to are perfect for the role. They’re good dancers, and they’re capable of the dramatic flair required to pull it off. One more week and then this show will be over. I’m having a blast, but I need to get back to the neglected areas of my life. Writing. Cleaning my house.

This has been a cool week. I won’t go into all of it, but I feel like a door has opened a little crack and I’ve seen a glimpse into some amazing adventures on up the road. With all its hills and valleys, life is fascinating. And God is good.

♥ EZ



4 responses

2 02 2004

God is amazing. Dad is my hero.

who are the dancers? im dying to know.


3 02 2004

Jake and Alyssa.

11 02 2004

Can I ask?

Can I ask what book you wrote? My name is Terry. I’m one of RagaMuffen’s many friends.

…sweetest dreams…Terry

11 02 2004

Re: Can I ask?

Hi, Terry!

I’ve noticed your comments in Ragamuffen’s journal. Feel free to stop in here any time. I haven’t been posting much lately, because I’ve been busier than usual with lots of outside projects. But hopefully I’ll get back to it soon.

My book, published in January by Howard Publishing, is called You and Me, Sister. It’s basically supposed to be a giftbook for sisters to give each other. It has stories, tributes, quotes . . . that sort of thing, all about sisters. I wrote half of it, and another lady wrote the other half, so both our names are on the cover. If you type the title into any major bookstore’s online search, it should come up.

I had a lot of fun with that, because it was something I didn’t really expect to happen. It just sort of dropped in my lap! :o)

Nice to meet you, Terry. Sweet dreams to you, too!

♥ EZ

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