Too bad we can’t skip to the last chapter and take a peek!

19 02 2004

It’s funny. When I come here to write lately, I just can’t seem to think of anything amazingly insightful or interesting to say. Some smart aleck is probably thinking, “When did you ever say anything insightful or interesting?” All I have to say to that is, um, . . . nothing. Yeah. I’m pretty out of it.

BUT! The good news is I am making splendiforous progress on my book. Twenty chapters finished. All I have left is the Epilogue and two “bonus” sections. Appendixes. Appendices. Whatever. They contain must-have info, but they’re not part of the narrative. So . . . guess what this means? My family is going to have to read it soon. None of them have wanted to so far. And it’s not because they don’t like my writing. It’s because they know their hearts are going to break all over again.

I understand. Mine broke over and over as I wrote it. And it still breaks when I edit some parts, even though I’ve re-re-rewritten them who-knows-how-many times now. Some wounds will always remain tender to the slightest touch. But it can’t be helped. My family has to read it, because it’s their story, too, and must have their seal of approval.

I’m happy that I’m nearing the end of this particular writing adventure. But I know, in some ways, the real adventure is only beginning. Like a change in the wind . . . a certain scent in the air . . . something lies just around the corner, and the breezes are already ruffling my hair and stirring my blood. Yep. It’s coming. I’ve only heard whispered hints and seen flickering glimpses of what it is. But I know its coming is as certain as the ending of a story written long ago. This book–and everything it’s setting in motion–is part of something outside of me. I’m just being carried along on this ride. But I promise I’ll let you know where I end up.



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19 02 2004

To Mary Poppins

Knowing things are out of your control can be such a freeing thing. Scary too. I pray you ride this like the thrill seekers at an amusement park: with your arms straight up in the air.

20 02 2004

HUG. I read the last chapter, everybody dies in the end… Oops! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to give it away! Ah, heck, that’s really less important that all the cool stuff that happens before the end … but I ain’t tellin! Um … and I didn’t read that part. Oh well.

20 02 2004

Re: To Mary Poppins

So, now I’m a supermodel and “practically perfect in every way”? Wow! You can come move in with us if you want.

Yes. I love knowing things are out of my control. I can’t even control my hair. Please don’t give me power over anything important.

Keep praying! I love roller coasters. WHEEEEEE!

Love, EZ

20 02 2004

Thanks for the hug! Yeah . . . I suppose everyone does die in the end. But, you’re right. Lots of cool stuff happens before then. And I think it’s more fun if you don’t know. It’s like Christmas. Every day is a new gift waiting to be opened. (Honestly, I’m so cheesy, I make myself groan! But I really feel that way.)

♥ EZ

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