Then the pixie took her magic wand and sprinkled star dust on the robot.

24 04 2004

So. That’s what an author signing is like.



6 responses

24 04 2004

who’s being cryptic now?


24 04 2004

Did it go well? Did they throw rotten fruit? Tell us!!!

24 04 2004

I noticed a couple of familiar names in one of your stories. I really hope Luke can avoid that horrible terribleness.

Pixies, robots, and buttons… sigh. 😉

24 04 2004

You know…because of this post-I will not sleep. I hope you are happy now!

DETAILS, OH CRYPTIC MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 04 2004

Yes, TELL. Please!

I really WAS in Nacogdoches for two whole days, you know. And a night!

26 04 2004

Haha.. I totally understood this and the mostly rest of you did not. I’m so enlightened. So high and mighty. Look at me! Yes, a modest pixie though nonetheless.


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