11 10 2004

A gentle rain fell
like a misty curtain,
unruffled by wind,
unhurried and unhindered,
folds and folds of liquid fabric
soothing the wounds of a
thirsty earth.

We drove the roads
toward home —
Jacob and I —
and song met mood met comment.


“Flood water rain crash down,
soak the ground,
still I thirst for You.
Still I thirst for You.” -Jars of Clay


“We are living dust.” -Jacob Damoff

A moment.
A glimpse.
A small gasp
as truth speaks
in the simplest
of voices.

Listen and be amazed. ♥ EZ



4 responses

12 10 2004

poet with the mostess

Hi Jeanne dear, aka coolest of all chic-folks,

Loved this poem. I was there with you in the rain, hearing Jacob’s deep dust comment. Wow.

It made me miss you.


12 10 2004

Re: poet with the mostess

Mary, ma cherie! So very tres magnifique to have you drop by my humble journal. Merci beaucoup!

If you want poetry, check out . Luke is the poet in the family.

I miss you, too. You and Mr. Commissioner and all the little commissioners. (name that sort-of quote)

Love, Jeanne

13 10 2004

Re: poet with the mostess

his poetry is deffinately amazing!
can i just say you must be the coolest mom ever to have an LJ….luke seems to think so anyway.
hi, i’m katie by the way….i’m friends with luke

13 10 2004

Re: poet with the mostess

Hi Katie! Nice to meet you. 🙂

Wow, thanks! I’m glad you and Luke think I’m cool. Last time I checked I was 86.3% dork, but “cool” sounds better.

It’s nice to know Luke’s friends are, um, friendly. Feel free to stop by my journal any time. If you let me know in advance, I’ll make cyber cookies.

♥ Luke’s Mom

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