All I Want For Christmas

30 11 2004

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Dallas with twenty-two relatives. Good food. Good conversation. Good laughs. It was all good. After dinner my sister gathered everyone together and played a CD of her son’s band performing a song he wrote about Jacob–a song that snagged the attention of a record label rep when he heard it and may result in a recording contract. It’s called “Lie Down.” Beautiful. Moving. Another ripple. Another way Jacob’s life has touched someone and through his song is touching many more someones. I had to leave the room so they wouldn’t see the tears in my eyes.

We returned home Friday night, and Saturday I decorated our tree. Thanks to ‘s suggestion, the lights look wonderful–like thousands of tiny stars nestled in evergreen. I love it.

I have lots of shopping to do. And two choreography projects on top of the usual writing and music stuff. But I don’t feel stressed. I feel thankful. Tonight I chatted on IM with Luke. I love where he is in his life, his faith, his friendships. He makes my heart sing. Soon he will be home for awhile. And Grace will be here, too. Friends will come and go. Laughter will echo through the house. The cookie jar will be emptied to fill up and be emptied again.

For a few beautiful moments they will be here. Then the whirlwind of life will swirl them away again, back to the lives they’re living far from here. So, while I have them near, I will drink them in, breathe their presence, embrace the beautiful ache that is motherhood satisfied.

If I get nothing else for Christmas, I will have more than my heart can contain. I already do.



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