Keeping Oceans Within Reach

18 02 2006

Today George and Jacob are in Dallas attending a Friends of Hope Day Camp for brain injury survivors. They’ll be home this evening, and I’m excited to hear a full report. I accompanied Jacob to the last camp and wrote about the experience in my livejournal. If you missed that post, here’s a link.

I pity you if you don’t have a Jacob in your life. His laughter makes you feel like you’re the wittiest person alive. And if you’ve ever doubted God’s nearness, just spend thirty minutes standing beside him in church. You’ll never doubt again.


Okey dokey. For those who give a hoot about what lies on my horizons, I have several announcements, regarding which I am more than mildly excited:

1. This Friday I’ll be teaching line dancing at Evangelical Presbyterian Church. If you live in the East Texas area and want to come, the party starts at 6:30 PM. However, it’s a girls-night-out sort of thing, so boys aren’t invited. Sorry, fellas. It wasn’t my call.

2. In March we’re flying the friendly skies to Seattle to spend a week with Grace! We’ll also get to see Luke for a couple of days, because he’s heading that way during his spring break. I love Seattle. So much to see and do. So many cool people to hang with–the kind of people who make you feel like you-even-you might someday achieve a similar semblance of coolness. I’m excited to see Grace’s new apartment in Fremont. And I’m super excited to hear Curtis and Grace sing at the O Lounge.

3. In April I’m returning to Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in California for the fourth year in a row. But this year I’m part of a writer’s band, Eustace Scrubb, that will be performing and leading worship for the 400+ conferees. Band members are: lead guitarist, Mike Snyder; guitar and vocals, Chris Fisher; keyboard and vocals, Mick Silva; percussion and vocals, Lisa Samson; and yours truly on vocals and piano. The sad news is Lisa, a prolific, award-winning novelist (and someone I admire on many levels) probably won’t be able to make it to the conference. The happy news is Mike’s wife, Alicia, is going to come and help with vocals and maybe some light percussion. I played a gig with Mike and Alicia last September in Nashville, and I’m totally jazzed that she’ll be with us! Oh, and another first for me at the conference: I get to co-teach a workshop on lyrical writing with Mick Silva, who in addition to being a writer is an editor for WaterBrook Press.

If you don’t already know these folks, click on their names and pay them a visit in cyberville. They’re a bunch of awesome, talented individuals. I’m so honored to be part of this shindig!

So, there you have it, friends. A peek at the near future as I expect it to unfold. But then we never really know what a day will bring forth, do we? All the more reason to love somebody today. I think I’ll dance with Jacob when he gets home. Just to hear him laugh.



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18 02 2006

Oh, I’m still sad I never got to talk to you more last time you were here. Do you think I might have the privilege of going out for drinks & dessert with you when you come up to Seattle, and we can talk about books and all that? The Espresso Mousse Torte at B&O Espresso on Capitol Hill is probably the best thing Seattle has to offer.


18 02 2006

By all means!

We’d be delighted. Thanks for asking.

18 02 2006

Re: By all means!

Me thinks you are plenty cool already!

Still can’t believe you (and your pal, God) pulled off this Mt. Hermon thing.

Enjoy the Jacob-dancing and laughing and no-boys-allowed dancing and Grace and Luke and Jacob and George and Seattle and…that’s enough enjoying to keep you busy for a while.

For the record, God is my pal too.

Mike S.

19 02 2006


Oh, I’m so very very very sad I won’t be at MH this year, particularly because of this band. can you see my cybertears????


Lonely Mary in France

19 02 2006

Re: Waaaaaaaa

I’m very sad you won’t be there, too. Even if Eustace wasn’t doing music, MH won’t be the same without you and the other CM Fan Club members. And what about the airport? Everything will probably go smoothly, without a single delay or adventure. Where’s the fun in that?

We’ll miss you, Lonely Mary in France. Indeed, we will.

J.A., le T de la M, a la M, the BCD and Rock Star

19 02 2006

Re: By all means!

Thanks, Mike S., who–for the record–is my pal and God’s. I’ve been working on the coolness thing. Think glasses would help?

20 02 2006

Re: By all means!

And I’m hoping the coolness of you two will rub off on me at Mt. Hermon. And for the record, I already wear glasses, black ones, when I’m not wearing my contacts. Doesn’t seem to help.

Jen Tiszai

21 02 2006

Re: By all means!

Sorry, Jen. Glasses or no, you can’t disguise your coolness.

And now I must know. Who’s in charge of “the record”? And how does the record keeper sort and file all these random bits of info? Just one of the many mysterious in this enigmatic life.

23 02 2006

Nice Blog

Just stopped by – I enjoyed your comments on Mick’s blog today so I popped over to check yours out.
Sounds like you have a very full but fullfilling life!
Nice to ‘meet’ you.
Cathy West.

23 02 2006

Re: Nice Blog

Nice to meet you, too, Cathy! Thanks for stopping by, and do come again. 🙂

Your comments are a gift. Please know I read each one with gratitude.

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