my not-so-fast

25 02 2006

Am I the only one creeped out by the little demonic “my fast” creature on the VW commercials? I almost never watch TV, but I’ve been taking in a few prime-time Olympic moments, and I’ve seen several of these ads. Maybe I’m totally out of touch with what sells, but IMHO this approach has “marketing disaster” written all over it.

I mean, do you want a nightmarish, black plastic blob with a droning, distorted voice controlling your choices and telling you to do stupid, illegal, or inconsiderate things? Ick.

On the other hand, I really like the All State commercial with the frumpy couple ice-skating to “Do the Hustle.” Two thumbs up with chocolate syrup and a triple lutz on top.



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26 02 2006

I love that commercial Grace, it is so cheezy but also produces the warm fuzzy’s almost like a perfectly executed triple triple.

26 02 2006

I should look so good

Yeah, Calen, so I should probably set my identity straight. This is Grace’s mom. But don’t feel bad, because people mix us up all the time. I admit it gets to be a hassle, what with constantly having to fight off all her fans and autograph seekers. And don’t get me started on the paparazzi. 😉

Actually, I know why you immediately thought of her. Anyone who knows Grace immediately knows whose baby blue that is.

Even so, it’s great to hear from you! And as for the commercial, I’ll take cheesy over creepy any day.

Hope all is delightful in your world. ♥

2 03 2006


I was originally creeped out by the big plastic head Burger King man. I mean, he’s looking in the window, showing up in your bedroom, trying to play with your kids, etc. But, I’m now more comfortable with him. The creepiness sort of grows on you, and you realize that this is the joke, and you’re on the inside of it. And, there is nothing like being on the inside of an inside joke to make you want to go buy a burger and some onion rings.

Maybe the VW thing will work out similarly for you.

Matthew McBroom

2 03 2006

Re: Creepy

Thanks for reminding me of those!

I don’t think the “my fast” critter will ever worm its way into my affections. The Burger King, on the other hand, is a fun sort of creepy. Those commercials are so over the top, they make me laugh out loud. Especially the one where the guy opens his window shade, and the BK is right there. Creepy concept, but then there are bunnies and butterflies and music. It’s awesome. 🙂

Bizarre humor is my fave. Demonic voices coming out of black blobs, not so much.

And while we’re on the topic of faves, comments from Matt are also cool. Thanks!

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