And you thought your life was a juggling act.

30 03 2006

This morning I dropped by Mike Snyder’s blog and watched an amazing video of Chris Bliss juggling. You can view it HERE.

I was so impressed I applauded at the end, even though I’m pretty sure Chris couldn’t hear me. Then I thought, “Luke would enjoy this, especially the drum sequences.” So I e-mailed him the link.

He sent me THIS LINK in response. Wowsers. Phenomenal.

So, now you have a good idea how productive my morning was. But I did get some piano arrangements done, and that counts for something.

Next week I go to California to be a rock star. What’s new with you?



6 responses

31 03 2006

That last clip at the end with 10 balls ws off the hook!

31 03 2006

Ooh, and I get to room with a rock star. How lucky am I?

Jen T.

1 04 2006

Yeah. I can’t even juggle two balls, so all of it impressed me.

1 04 2006

Didn’t I tell you? You’re on bodyguard duty. Bring your women-in-black suit and shades. And an official looking ear-piece. (It can be an iPod or whatever. It’s the look we’re going for here.) And practice your karate kicks. You can just throw one every now and then to instill fear in would-be stage stormers. I would even recommend getting up every half hour or so in the middle of workshops or meals, throw a few quick moves, and sit back down. If you do, I predict security will not be a problem.

2 04 2006

I’m just laughing too hard to think of an intelligent response to that. But I’m storing away that mental image. It’ll be useful when ever I want to laugh really hard.

3 04 2006

I sent the clip of the 5 ball guy to my dad after he sent me the orginal in a forward. He was impressed.

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