Maybe she was born with it. Or maybe it’s bacon.

1 04 2006

Last night George, Jacob, and I were enjoying a nice dinner, when Jacob suddenly announced he couldn’t eat any more because something was stuck in his throat.

Me: “I know what’s stuck in your throat. It’s just the words you were about to say. You were going to say, ‘Oh, Mom. Your beauty flows out in all directions.”

Jacob: “No. It’s a piece of bacon.”

Me (laughing): “It’s not a piece of bacon. It’s ‘Oh, Mom. Your beauty flows out in all directions.’ Just go ahead and say it, and then it won’t be stuck anymore.”

Jacob (also laughing): “Oh, Mom. Your beauty flows out in all directions. See! It’s still stuck. It’s a piece of bacon.”

Okay. Maybe it was a piece of bacon. But I got a pretty decent compliment out of the deal.



8 responses

1 04 2006

Hee hee hee… “Gather your compliments where ye may …”

1 04 2006

That’s allz I’m saying!

2 04 2006

i want bacon for dinner!

3 04 2006

Jacob rocks

I love reading these conversations with Jacob. Love, AL

4 04 2006

I suppose it’s pretty lame to put compliments in other people’s mouths. But a girl’s gotta do whatever it takes. 😉

Mostly I just like to mess with Jacob and hear him laugh.

4 04 2006

You have my permission, dear. Have bacon for dinner.

Truth be told, we had B.L.O.A.T.’s (Bacon, lettuce, onion, avocado, and tomato). I highly recommend them, even if the name isn’t particularly appealing. 🙂

4 04 2006

Re: Jacob rocks

And I love having them! ♥

4 04 2006

o *man* that sounds amazing!!! i’ll definitely have to remember that one

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