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13 04 2006

I’m home again. Arrived yesterday after almost a week at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in California. More about that in a minute.

I didn’t sleep much while I was away, so I’m playing catch up. Last night around 11:00 PM I tossed the decorative pillows off my bed ready to dive into dreamland, but a piece of paper under my pillow caught my eye. It was a sweet love note from George. I won’t quote the whole thing, but one line read, “In the days ahead let us both be surprised at what each of us has to offer to our marriage.”

I smiled and thanked God once again for the man who’s loved me so beautifully for almost twenty-seven years. Then I placed the note on my dresser and slipped between the covers. Or tried to. George had short-sheeted the bed.

Man, I love that guy.

The conference was tons o’ fun and beneficial, too. Not long ago I wrote about Eustace Scrubb, the band providing music for the conference. We had a blast–not only playing together, but building friendships with each other and some other awesome folks. And laughing. If you haven’t noticed, I’m rather fond of laughing, and we did a whole lot of it. If nothing else good had happened, I think I could have gone on the strength of that food for forty days. But much good happened.

The focus at writer’s conferences is understandably often on craft, and many Mount Hermon workshops dealt with various aspects of writing well. But, much to my delight, a fresh wind whispered amidst the pillars of prosaic law. Like light through stained-glass windows, beauty bathed the basics in liquid color and declared her simple wisdom. “Love me for myself, not for what I teach,” she sang, and my heart harmonized.

Words as music. Art for art’s sake. Can I get a hallelujah?

On the practical side, several editors expressed what seemed to be genuine interest in my novel and asked me to send it, so that was nice. Also, I got to sit at a table and listen to my agent praise my writing to the other writers present. Talk about feeling humbled and honored at the same time! I’m so thankful for my agent. She “gets me” and loves my voice. I can’t begin to express how wonderful that feels.

If you aspire to be a published writer, I highly recommend attending a reputable writer’s conference. You connect with the people who make the industry tick, learn the business side of things, gain invaluable tools to improve your craft, and you develop friendships with some of the most creative people in the world. And the funniest.

Okay, now I need to get busy. I have a manuscript to tweak, a Maundy Thursday service to attend, and a husband who will be home soon. After all he’s done for me, he deserves my undivided attention, don’t you think?

I’ve heard nothin’ says lovin’ like soap on a toothbrush or kool-aid powder in the shower head. It’s good to be home.



10 responses

13 04 2006

I meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesdeded yoooooo!!!

1) I am so glad you enjoyed your trip. And it really sounds like you did.

2) Your husband sounds like a blast and much like the one who is between my sheets even now.

3) I am EVER SO HAPPY to have you back home again!


14 04 2006

Here’s your Hallelujah


That George story is hilarious. What a guy. You need to bring him along next time.

And your recap is spot on, very lyrical. You oughta teach a class. (And for the record, the class that Jeanne co-taught with Mick Silva was outstanding.)

Happy Easter! See you in Dallas.

Mike Flintstone

14 04 2006

George is hilarious. I agree with Flintstone Boy. You should bring him next time. He’d fit right in.

And it was very cool to laugh a lot and to hear “write your passion” and “beauty for beauty’s sake.” I came away extremely refreshed and encouraged on the next leg of this crazy writing journey.

Jen T.

14 04 2006

Funny is as funny does.

Laughter is the best. To quote a song from Mary Poppins (which is one of my favorite movies to quote) “I Love to Laugh, ha, ha, ha, ha, loud and long and clear.” I laughed out loud reading about George’s “surprise.” George is the man! I’m glad you had such an inspirational conference and that you got such positive response to your writing. You’re getting to have some very cool experiences here, my little seester. I am so happy for you. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter. Much love, Lois

18 04 2006

marital inspiration

The idea flashed through my head during a time of longing for Jeanne’s presence in the house. At first I dismissed the notion to pull a prank becasue I knew she’d likely return home exhausted, relishing a quick plunge back into her comfy, familiar bed. Yet, somehow I knew this was not a mere flash of devious stupidty, rather an opportunity to interject a wrinkle into the mundaness of going to bed for another night’s sleep. In a Dave Barry sort of way it was a quirky flabbergast that immediately informed Jeanne that I’m intent on action and not mere words tucked under her pillow.

Ever since, though, every night as I slip into bed, I expect my side of the bed to be short-sheeted, inoculated with gummy worms, or something even more surprising. I’ve self-inflicted an anxious anticipation into what used to be a mundane, end-of-the-day task that I would normally approach with calmness. With inspiration comes consequences. Oh well, I made her smile, which was the desired outcome and a great delight.

19 04 2006

Re: I meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesdeded yoooooo!!!

I’m EVER SO HAPPY to be back. But I did have a jolly time, indeed. I think if you ever attended a writer’s conference, someone would discover your unique, enchanting, honest voice and make you famous. When you decide you’re ready to be famous, you should consider it. Seriously.

19 04 2006

Re: Here’s your Hallelujah

It was a shining moment for George. And I should bring him along next time. He would be in megadrilologist paradise at Mount Hermon.

Thanks again for everything. And thanks to Alicia, too. You peoples rock.

19 04 2006

George used to be a lifeguard, so he would be interested in your swimming techniques. 🙂

Yes, the conference was amazing. And now I know who to ask when I need a roommate with a Mary Poppins bag full of comforts from home. You’ve got the packing thing down to a fine art. And you’re pretty good at the laughing thing, too

See you in September!

19 04 2006

Re: Funny is as funny does.

George is indeed the man. This has been convenient, since I’m the woman.

Thanks for being happy for me. It makes me happy that you’re happy for my happiness. I will keep you informed about further happy happenings, if only that you might be even happier. It’s the least I can do.

Much love back,

19 04 2006

Re: marital inspiration

It was a beautiful prank, dear. And executed with such panache. You made me smile at the time, and I smile again each time I recall it.

And I don’t even have to pay you back. You’re doing that for me, too. What a great guy!

Love you madly.

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