For we’re a jolly good couple

5 05 2006

Today is George’s and my twenty-seventh anniversary. To celebrate we’ll be leaving in less than an hour for an exotic vacation in (drum roll please) Fort Worth, Texas! Woo-hooo!

First stop will be UT Arlington’s art gallery. Our friend, Adam Werner, is graduating with a degree in painting, and we’re going to see his exhibit. Then we’ll be joining him, his wife, and other well-wishers at a graduation party at Rahr & Sons Brewery in Fort Worth. To top off the evening, we decided to book a room at a romantic B&B five minutes from the brewery. They’re giving us the “Sunshine of My Life” room. The bath has a heart-shaped jacuzzi tub–a feature which has already afforded George and me more than a little amusement. We decided it would be fun to fill it with bubble bath, then set the self-timer on our camera and pose in the bubbles with champagne glasses uplifted in a toast. We would then send the photo to our children, looking forward to the day when we’ll receive thank-you notes from overpaid therapists who are helping them overcome their trauma.

Saturday, after enjoying a lovely breakfast delivered to our room (and most likely eaten in the heart-shaped jacuzzi tub–gotta make the most of this exotic vacation), we’ll pick up Luke at DFW airport, make a run to Whole Foods, and head back to East Texas.

Luke will be home for ten days. While he’s here we’ll celebrate Jacob’s 25th birthday, go to Jesse Miga’s wedding, and basically bask in extended episodes of familial fellowship. In other words, we’ll hang out.

Stop by and hang with us if you’re in the neighborhood. ♥



16 responses

5 05 2006

A most happy anniversary to you!

And hey, just think, at least you didn’t have to get any vaccinations to go to Fort Worth!

5 05 2006

I add my hearty wishes of a Happy Anniversary to you!

I spent my 2nd anniversary in Fort Worth ages ago. Have fun!

Love ya!

5 05 2006

And you don’t even look old enough to BE 27! I’m loving the image of the heart-shaped tub and sending your kids to therapy.

Have a happy time and enjoy being with people you love.

Jen T.

5 05 2006

Stop by and hang with us if you’re in the neighborhood.

Is there room for one more in the heart-shaped tub? 😉

Congratulations on 27 years together, and happy birthday to Jacob!

6 05 2006

Happy anniversary!

–Taylor V. Smith

6 05 2006

Happy Anniversary, Jeanne & George!

Have a wonderful trip, Jeanne. Ain’t love grand?

6 05 2006


These are the things I’m jealous of:
1. The heart-shaped tub (obviously)
2. Getting to see the Werners
3. All of my family being together…. without me (*pout*)

Wow… I totally forgot about you guys’ anniversary. I am a lame child. Well, I hope it’s been grand. You two are an inspiration to me and to many. And by inspiration, I mean that everyone wants to be as cool as you and nobody even comes close.

I can’t believe Jesse Miga is getting married.

What are you going to do for Jacob’s birthday?

8 05 2006

(also, I’ve changed usernames, and for some reason LJ didn’t keep my friends list. When you’re done in the heart-shaped tub, can you add me back?)

9 05 2006

Thanks, and good point! No vaccinations is a nice perk. 🙂

9 05 2006

As far as cities go, Fort Worth is definitely one of them. That’s about the extent of my opinion based on this excursion. But we had a great time with our friends and each other, so that’s what matters!

Thanks for the hearty wishes. ♥

9 05 2006

Congratulations, Jen! You just won an all-expenses-paid trip to Jeanne’s Ego-ville. I’ll call you first next time I need a self-image boost. 🙂

9 05 2006

The heart-shaped tub is now but a fond, amusing memory. (Would have been a bit crowded for three, by the way.)

Thanks for the heads up on your new user name! You are now 100% added, with no MSG or transfats. Can’t live without regular servings of the cutest Aussie I know. ♥

9 05 2006

Thanks, Taylor V.

9 05 2006

Re: Happy Anniversary, Jeanne & George!

Thanks. We did. Love is magnificent. 🙂

9 05 2006

1. Obviously
2. They were all there, and we had a great time catching up. Talked about you a lot.
3. We wish you were here. Of course, if you were, you would have missed Over the Rhine and who knows what other amazingly fun adventures. But we miss you.

Don’t know what we’re doing for Jacob’s birthday yet. Any suggestions?

Love you madly. Mz

30 06 2006

bath in heart shaped tub

I like a copy of bath in heart shaped tub. Please send copies to 7101 Lake View Dr. Mobile Al

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