16 06 2006

Your mission (whether you accept it or not) is to guess what I.S.E.E. stands for. Here are your choices.

A. Indigestion Solutions for Enchilada Eaters
B. Intergalactic Spacetravel and Extraterrestrial Encounters
C. International Symposium on Earthworm Ecology
D. Igloo Society for Extroverted Eskimos

Of course, you can suggest other ideas in the comments (but you’ll be wrong). You have until I finish humming the Jeopardy theme song to decide, starting . . . now.

Times up. Put your pencil down and turn your paper over, or your test will be disqualified.

The correct answer is C. International Symposium on Earthworm Ecology (VIII). The party starts this September 3, and I get to go with the gorgeous Giorgio, Earthworm Hunter Extraordinaire.

“Some party!” you scoff. “Let’s raise our beakers in a toast to geekdom.”

Well, now, aren’t you cheeky. Granted, Earthworm Ecology may not sound all that glamorous, but it’s all about location, dahling. Big Worm Gig Numero Ocho is happening in Krakow, Poland. And seeing as how the gGEwHE and I haven’t traveled in Europe, we’ve decided to arrive early and also extend our stay, taking in Venice, Italy, beforehand and some Germany and Southern France after. Can I get an Ooo-la-la now? Oh, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.

And besides, if you must know, there are some fascinating folks amongst the international worm-meister crowd. We attended our first I.S.E.E. (episode VII) in Wales four years ago, and I admit I expected to walk into the university and see a room full of Orville Redenbacher look-alikes. Instead I met some very cool, brilliant, and interesting people from all over the world.

Even so, I didn’t attend the symposium meetings last time, and I won’t this time either. While the science-types talk worms, I’ll take my camera and moleskine journal and hit the streets, soaking up the culture and architecture, sampling the local cafe fare, and browsing in out-of-the-way shops. And when gG isn’t geeking out with his pals, he’ll be riding in a gondola or biking to a remote castle or gazing out over the Mediterranean Sea with me.

Do me a favor. Next time you see an earthworm on the sidewalk, tip your hat on my behalf. Grazie, dziękuję, danke, merci, and thank you.



10 responses

17 06 2006

Ooh, sounds like a ton of fun! Although the Igloo Society for Extroverted Eskimos sounds pretty fascinating too. Can’t wait to hear about your experiences when you get back. I’ve always wanted to do Europe.

Jen T.

17 06 2006

buy me some absinthe… i mean, uhm, a bible.


17 06 2006

It is not right how jealous I am of your life. I still hope that you have massive amounts of fun and bring back gobs of interesting tales…as I know you will.


17 06 2006

I’ve always wanted to do Europe, too! It’s all very exciting, and I’ll no doubt be a fountain of fascinating (mostly true) adventure tales upon our return, which just so happens to be two days before the ACFW conference. Scary thought, isn’t it? I mean, you’ve seen firsthand how lethal my levels of loopiness can be without the added benefit of jet lag.

So consider yourself warned. Or invited, as the case may be. 😉

17 06 2006

Anything for you, Sparky.


17 06 2006

Aw, you’re too cute to be jealous.

On my honor I will try to do my duty and bring back said gobs for your particular enjoyment.

Did Carly have fun at camp?

18 06 2006

I was wondering about the timing of that. So, hey, if I’m invited to the loopiness, consider this my RSVP. Mostly true stories are my favorites.

Jen T.

21 06 2006

Hey. I’ll probably be in Paris by then. Come visit.

21 06 2006

I don’t think we’re going to make it to Paris this time around due to time and transportation constraints. Why don’t you come down to the Cote d’Azur and hang with us? Your presence would definitely help us exude a more European vibe. 🙂

22 06 2006

I remember the coffee and Indian cuisine

Hi Alexander,
Did I tell you how much I enjoyed our lengthy morning/afternoon visit in Seattle? Been meaning to respond to a question you asked that I do not think I answered adequately. If you don’t mind, send your email address to gdamoff@sfasu.edu. eGAD, Dad of Grace

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