A to Z tag

18 06 2006

As busy as Mike Snyder stays, I hardly know how he has time for playground games. Nevertheless, he tagged me, and now I’m “it” until I post this meme. Here’s the (mostly true) scoop from A to Z.

Accent: Texas (I like to think it’s on the gentler, less obnoxious end of the spectrum.)

Best personality trait: I’m good at being short

Chore I hate: Ordering the servants around

Dad’s name: James

Essential make-up/skin care products: A combo of Origins, Mary Kay, Clinique, L’Oreal, and Burt’s Bees.

Favorite perfume/cologne: Don’t wear any, but I like the scent of my Origins lotion.

Gold or silver?: Adamantium

Hometown: Dallas

Interesting fact: Nine out of ten dentists recommend brushing with fluoride.

Job title: Supermodel

Kids: Jacob, Grace, and Luke

Living arrangements: Eat healthy meals, sleep eight hours a night, look both ways before crossing the street.

Mom’s birthplace: Somewhere in Oklahoma (I should know that.)

Number of apples eaten in the last week: Zero

Overnight hospital stays: 2 nights each after three C-sections, and 4 after an emergency hysterectomy, for a total of 10

Phobia: Paparazzi

Question you ask yourself a lot: Shouldn’t you be working?

Religion: Christian

Siblings: Two sisters and a brother

Time I wake up: Whenever. Usually around 7:30 AM. (Such is the luxury of having grown children and “working” at home.)

Unnatural hair color: Is this a question or an accusation?

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Eggplant

Worst habit: The kind the nuns had to wear in the Sound of Music era. I’d have been clawing at my throat.

X-rays?: Two. Baby Jacob inside me on the day he was born. My head because I fainted after George’s surgery and bonked it on the hospital room floor. The nurses abandoned poor groggy George and rushed to my side, wheeling me out in a wheelchair, while George slurred, “Whassa-matter-with-zheenee?” Embarrassing.

Yummy food I make: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Death by Chocolate Cake, Chicken Pot Pie.

Zingers: I, um, what?

Okay, and , you’re up. (I love you, too.)



11 responses

19 06 2006

heehee 😀

19 06 2006

thanks… thanks alot.


19 06 2006

Aw, dang, I wish I’d have thought of your answers to “chore I hate” and “job title.” Of course, the servants I order around are 8, 4, and a black lab, so they tend to just stare at me blankly.

And wait, is eggplant a vegetable or a fruit? 🙂

Jen T.

21 06 2006


’tis a fruit (and jeanne should know why); it’s also in the title of song by michael franks. eGAD

21 06 2006

hoohoo 😛

21 06 2006

You’re welcome . . . alot

21 06 2006

What do you get when you plant an egg?

Yes, yes. I know this. It’s a fruit because it grows from a flower.

24 06 2006

Only Ten Nights?

Only ten nights in the hosp in your whole life? (Not that you’re old or anything…) I always find that so remarkable. Although now that I think about it, Doug’s only spent two there! I think I’m at 22, but NONE since 1999! I am on a health kick now, baby. 🙂
Katy Raymond http://www.fallible.com

27 06 2006

How are you so funny? What is it in your brain that leads you to these answers? I am sitting in my warm office laughing out loud…especially about the image of you wearing a nun outfit, writhing on the floor as you claw at your neck in a furious rage. You really should think of convent life…it suits you.

Hope all is well! Seattle is HOT…I’m leaving admissions in August to become a Residence Life Coordinator in Emerson Hall…I mean, who wouldn’t want to move into a dorm during their first year of marriage? Hooray for new adventures.

Thanks for the free giggles.

27 06 2006

Re: Only Ten Nights?

Congrats on the health streak, Katy. May it long endure.


27 06 2006

JJJJJJ! (I don’t know how to make JJ more emphatic.)

Convent life, eh? I’ll ask the gorgeous Giorgio if he minds. Maybe when he goes off to make his next N’Sync video, I can slip away to the Abbey.

So, it’s back to your Emerson roots. I can’t imagine a more romantic atmosphere, just you and the wife and hundreds of hormonal undergrads. Adventures, indeed. 🙂

Thanks for avoiding work to stop by. ♥

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