Insects of Biblical Proportions

27 06 2006

I was sitting in the armchair in our bedroom reading when I heard a scritchy-scratchy, fluttery sound coming from inside a dresser about five feet away. This can only mean one of two things. A mouse or a roach. In Texas the two are about the same size.

Roaches around here are not only huge, they can fly. George sprays the house regularly, but fresh recruits arrive daily from the yard. Once they’ve ingested the poison, they lose all precautionary sense as they scurry around in broad daylight or zoom across the room like shiny brown kamikaze pilots, divebombing furniture, light fixtures, or faces–whatever happens to be in their flight path.

I know John was on the Isle of Patmos when he received the Revelation, but after reading his description of those “locusts from the pit” in chapter nine, I can’t help thinking maybe he was given a little glimpse of East Texas vermin.

Now, don’t you want to come visit?

Speaking of vermin, today’s crossword puzzle included this clue: Weapon of mouse destruction. The answer was “trap.”




5 responses

28 06 2006

Okay, I’m crossing off Texas from our potential relocation list. Eww. I hate bugs.

Jen T.

29 06 2006

Was Texas really on your potential relocation list? And are you planning to relocate? Because, if that’s the case, you should know that the bugs are really quite friendly. They help with the chores, carry our luggage to the car when we travel, offer a shoulder to cry on when we’re sad . . .

29 06 2006

Well if they babysit and do windows I might have to reconsider.

Actually, I think anywhere they don’t get feet of snow is on our relocation list. Peter’s boss laid off half the company. He’s got a job through August but after that it’s pretty iffy. So we’ll go wherever he can get a job. Not having much luck here.

30 06 2006

Curtis needs to read this before July 31.

30 06 2006

Oh, I dunno. Maybe we should surprise him. 🙂

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