Dancing with Lightfoot Lee

4 07 2006

George interviewed Jacob about Independence Day. It’s pretty cute. You can listen in by visiting .

In spite of the rain we’re supposed to go to Shadowood Lake tonight for potluck and fireworks. Soggy corndogs. Yummmm.

Actually, it should be fun no matter what. We know quite a few families who live out there. Famous authoress, Pamela Dowd (yes, that Pamela Dowd) invited us, and their pier commands a lovely view of the lake and drippy-lit sky.

So far I’m keeping up with my July picture-a-day photo blog schedule. I’ll try to snap some good, artsy shots tonight. George with mustard on his shirt. Jacob swatting mosquitoes. Gotta preserve those precious memories.

Here’s hoping you make a few, too.



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5 07 2006

Happy 4th Jeanne


I followed a comment trail that led me here, and I am so glad that I did. It started out in Master’s Artist in Mark Bertrand’s most recent post on being no Cervantes.

From there I found your comment about chocolates. But I’m assuming only if I thank a Presbyterian? Or do you get the chocolates? What I want is some of that chocolate cake that I can’t quite remember what you call it, but I would call it good!

I ended up on your welcome page that I found so warm and inviting. From there I wandered over to your excerpt from your book about Jacob. (I will complete the read once I can justify buying another book! I’m currently reading “A Writer’s Life” by Gay Talese and next on my agenda is a book on proposals that sell by Terry Whalin.) Then I found Jacob’s journal. I read them all, and the comments. I didn’t comment because I’m a stranger, but I enjoyed them all.

I’m like that bird that has never seen the sky, but is believing to some day when it comes to my writing. Great analogy for the book of Revelations~ It can be baffling! I’ve never been able to get a good visual on it either, but I enjoyed your take on it!

I’ve made friends with Suz through Master’s Artist and now to have the opportunity to be allowed to watch the beauty in Jacob’s holding onto grace (and Luke and Gracie) is tear-rendering and touching.

I’ve got so much that I am demanding of myself to accomplish in a very short amount of time, but I’m glad that I visited and spent a bit of my holiday with you and your family.

God’s richest blessings on you!

Audrey, and Miss Audrey to Jacob…

5 07 2006

Re: Happy 4th Jeanne

Hi, Audrey! Glad you landed here in your wanderings. 🙂

Feel free to comment on Jacob’s journal. He loves comments as much as any of us.

Thanks for stopping by my website and reading a bit of his story. The book hasn’t been published yet, so no temptation to buy at this point. But I truly appreciate your interest. Hopefully I’ll be able to offer the whole thing in book form soon!

Blessings to you, too. And do come again.

6 07 2006

Re: Happy 4th Jeanne


Thanks! I blogged a little about my daughter that’s 23(MY BABY) after I visited your blog and left a link to your web site and the book and realized that your book isn’t a done deal yet! I’m looking forward to seeing it available really soon! That gives me time to tie up all of these busy things that I’ve piled about a mile high on my plate!


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