Would you like that rake gift-wrapped?

6 07 2006

When Rusty arrived Wednesday morning he mentioned that he and Jacob were heading to Longview to buy a rake. (Note: this would be some sort of farm equipment–not your standard yard rake for autumn leaves.) George turned to Jacob and asked, “What are you going to buy in Longview?”

Before he could answer I whispered, “Presents for Mom.”

Jacob grinned and looked deliberately past me. “Presents for Jacob.”

“No,” I corrected him, still in a stage whisper. “Presents for Mom.”

“No. Presents for Jacob.”

Rusty ignored us and resumed his conversation with George. A few minutes later when Rusty and Jacob were about to leave, I hugged Jacob good-bye. For the record, Jacob is a really great hugger. No floppy-armed, let’s-get-this-over-with business for him. A hug worth giving is a hug worth giving thoroughly. As we enjoyed our lingering tender farewell I whispered, “Presents for Mom.”

“Presents for Jacob.”

“Presents for Mom.”

“Presents for Jacob.”

Finally Rusty shook his head and said, “Okay. Let’s go.”

As they walked out the door, I called, “Make sure Rusty buys a pretty rake.”

“I will.”

Rusty loves us. I bet he bought me some presents.



2 responses

7 07 2006

A company emailed me about a job in Longview. That’s wierd that you mention that town because we actually seriously talked about it just a day or so ago.

I hope the rake was stunning.

7 07 2006

Well, Miles, if you take that job, you and Crystal will live about 30 minutes away from both me and Ragamuffen (though we live in different towns). I think that’s an important factor to consider as you talk seriously about life-changing decisions.

I haven’t seen the rake, but I’m trusting that Jacob made sure it was stylish.

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