home is where the hot is

15 07 2006

We arrived home yesterday after five days in the Colorado mountains where they were having a bit of a heat wave. Yeah. Almost 80 degrees for the high. I had to wear sun screen instead of a jacket when we biked from Vail Pass to Avon. Hard times.

Now we’re back in the East Texas blast furnace. 100 degrees and about 250% humidity, give or take. We can eat steamed vegetables right off the vine. Driving home from the Dallas airport we heard a report on the radio about how plants let us know when they’re thirsty. They emit a high-pitched whine caused by their herculean efforts to suck moisture from parched ground. However, the frequency is so high, only dogs and biologists named George can hear it. So, no surprise that when we pulled into our driveway, he launched into emergency rescue mode.

“Help us,” all the little stemlings cried in a voice much like the half-fly-man’s as he lay snagged in the spider’s web in that classic flick, The Fly.

George lavished them with tepid sprinkler water. Their sorrow turned to laughter, and they waved their little petals and blades in glad gratitude. What a happy ending. I should send this story to Reader’s Digest.

While we were gone I got behind on my July picture-a-day photo blog. But I’m caught up now. It’s quite the random sampling. Some of the shots are from Grace’s trip to Europe last fall. A few (wall flower, myrtle, weeping green) were taken in our yard right before we left for Colorado. There is no method. I just post whatever catches my eye from the vast picasa collection on my computer.

Today’s selection is in honor of our upcoming trip to Venice. I’m getting molto eccitato, y’all. But before that happens, Grace and Curtis are coming to the sauna state in all their abundant adorableness. He wants to experience a bit of her history. You know, see the family in its natural habitat. Breathe our pre-heated air. That sort of thing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

That’s all for now. Stay cool, hug someone you love, and give a flower a nice drink of water.



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17 07 2006

Weldon’s been complaining about his tinnitus stricken ears lately, but maybe my humble gardener is tuned in to the silent screams of the drought stricken flora.

18 07 2006

Perhaps I should edit my post to include poor Weldon with the dogs and biologists named George. It all reminds me of this gem from Jack Handey: “If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.”

Give my love to the humble gardener and the little gardenettes. ♥

19 07 2006

news and other news…

HI! I haven’t kept in touch. Consider me flighty and non-committal. I’ll try to get better.
SO – big things on the Werner front:
Clark asked his girlfriend of 2 1/2 years, Christie, to marry him. YAY!!!
We’re expecting baby number 2 – oh my goodness. Is that positive really there? How far along? I have no idea – due date? Not sure how to take everything in. But we celebrated with ice cream and grocery shopping in the 102 degree heat. FUN.
I hope all is well – sounds like you guys are great.
love, robbie

19 07 2006

I really really liked the part about the flowers, Momzy. Your funny-bone must be especially large.

HEY… maybe that’s where I get it from! (My elbow is still swolen.) Anyway.


19 07 2006

Re: news and other news…

What awesome news and other news! Thanks for sharing it. We’re excited for all you Wernerish ones.

Keep us informed as plans and pregnancies progress. 🙂

Love, J.

19 07 2006

When you go to a doctor about the swelling, you may want to mention the funny-bone theory. If he raises an eyebrow, just quote the lyrics to “Swill” or tell him a few choice stories about your family. I’m guessing the gene pool is so contaminated, we should be posting “swim at your own risk” signs.

Did you schedule an appointment?

20 07 2006


“This post is making me thirsty!” (To be uttered alternately using in the voices of Cosmo Kramer and George Costanza).

And I thought it was hot here. Enjoy those steamed veggies.

(The photo site is way cool too!)

Mike of the Snyderling fame

20 07 2006

What do Hugh Hefner and the Dalai Lama have in common?

Snyderling fame is a beautiful thing. Someone bring this man a cold beverage.

21 07 2006

Welcome Back

Of course, I didn’t know you were in Colorado until you mentioned it last week. I don’t keep up with my MAers very well, do I? **sigh**

22 07 2006

Re: Welcome Back

That’s okay, Jules. There are only 39.4 billion blogs to read, so any time you decide to stop by mine I consider it an honor. ♥

27 07 2006


Honestly, Jeanne–your next book project ought to be heavy on photography. These are lovely. Will check back more often to see whatcha got.

What camera are you using?


27 07 2006

Re: Brilliant

Thanks, Shanna! 🙂

Most of the ones on the blog were taken with a Sony 3.2 Mega Pixels Cyber-shot digital camera. It’s not fancy, but it’s fun.

Glad you like them. ♥

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