awakening my inner brat

24 07 2006

After dinner I was minding my own business, serving up a little ice cream and looking forward to the imminent enjoyment thereof, when George leaned on the counter and began scrutinizing my scooping technique. I could feel more than see the critical expression on his face.

“Maybe I should show you the proper way to do that.”

I refused to look at him and jammed the scoop in once again, exaggerating the improperness of my method. Then, without thinking, I said, “You’re not the boss of me.”

It’s not every day one hears oneself use a standard kindergarten defense in the context of adult conversation. It left me with the same sensation I feel after a good laugh. Probably because after I said it I cracked up.

I think I just found my new motto.



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25 07 2006


I’ve tried that with my lovely wifey-poo. She laughed at me. My motto is now, Yes Ma’am. (And when she’s not looking I furrow my brow and mouth the word “Woman!”)


25 07 2006

Yes Ma’am?

Well, now, aren’t you the roughy toughy guy. Of course, she is the boss of you, so I guess that’s a good motto.

And you still have your private, furrowed-browed revenge. I mean, “Woman!” Whoa. That’s heavy duty. (She’s not the only one laughing.)

25 07 2006

my new motto is “At least i’m not as weird as my mother!”


25 07 2006


(You’re not the boss of me.)

25 07 2006

geo’s input

NEW motto?

25 07 2006

Re: geo’s input


25 07 2006

Re: motto

Ha! I totally knew that was Mike’s comment even before I read his name.

In our house it’s, “I know you are but what am I?” which is even funnier when it comes after something totally incongruent like, “We’re having spaghetti for dinner.” Our kids are learning to roll their eyes at us at a young age. However, I firmly believe youth is wasted on the young. They don’t appreciate a good, sassy line.

Jen T.

25 07 2006

Re: motto

Ha! That’s awesome. I may have to make that my secondary motto.

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