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8 08 2006

I’ve pretty much been absent from cyberspace for the past week. I’ve also been absent from most of my normal routine activities. And for good reason.

Grace and her way-too-adorable boyfriend, Curtis, left paradise (i.e., summer in Seattle) and spent the first week of August with us here in boiling East Texas (motto: “Let’s sweat till we melt into a puddle.”) I set everything else aside to soak up as much of them as possible. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being ultimate perfection, I’d rank our time with them at about 37. Wonderful conversation. Good food. Beautiful music. And a long, winding meander down Memory Lane.

Curtis had expressed interest in visiting places connected with Grace’s history, so we spent much of the first day driving around Dallas with my parents. We swung by their childhood homes and their first apartment as newlyweds in Oak Cliff. We passed their old schools and the country club where my dad worked as a lifeguard. Every location prompted stories, some I’d heard and some I hadn’t.

We spent another day with my sister’s family in Nacogdoches, where Grace was born. Everywhere we went, family members wanted to hear Curtis and Grace sing, so I got to enjoy their beautiful music over and over. I can’t begin to describe the wonders of his guitar playing and the blending of their voices. Wowsers.

At Curtis’s request we dug out old cassette tapes of original music George and I wrote and recorded almost three decades ago. I’d forgotten about some of it, and thoroughly enjoyed the rediscovery.

He also wanted to hear our life stories, how we became who we are, what we believe and the journeys we took to get there. His sincere interest and candid questions encouraged hours of open-hearted honesty and reflection. It was amazing.

The week went way too fast. And yet, even though I miss them, I can’t stop smiling. I’ve wandered down Memory Lane, and my heart is full with the meaningfulness of life’s little moments–how they all add up to a history inhabited by the people who make it matter. Golden nuggets ignored for years, dusted off and gleaming in the sun, admired and then returned to the path to be found again the next time we pass this way.

Memory Lane is always under construction. After the past week mine is a bit longer. And, thanks to Curtis and Grace, it’s quite a bit more dear.



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9 08 2006

Welcome back

We missed you but it sounds like you didn’t miss a thing (except maybe a math lesson or two). Enjoy the memories.

Mike S.

9 08 2006


Yep! My wife pegged with words the happiness of the past week. It was nice. gG

9 08 2006

Aw, how wonderful! And what a sweet guy to want to know so much about Grace’s family and history. I love people who are interested in other people. It’s a great quality.

Jen T.

9 08 2006

Curtis and Grace here. We, too, think we are awesome. Glad you all agree. Enjoy boiling down there…. SUCKERS! Seattle is perfect today. We’re about to go swimming in Lake Washington. All of you should wish you could be us.

Sincere love,
C & G Music Factory

Disclaimer: Every now and then we enjoy a bit of sarcastic jesting. We hope all of you see us for who truly are… innocent, humble vessels of kindness with hearts of gold.

10 08 2006

I’ve always been a SUCKER for innocent, humble, golden-hearted vessels of sarcastic jesting. 100 points to the Music Factory. Good job.

10 08 2006

Re: Welcome back

Math? Is that like where countries are located on the map? I never was good at that.

I’m enjoying the memories big time. Collecting those moments one by one (I guess that’s how the future’s done . . . Mushaboom, mushaboom). Hope all is well in Snyderville.

10 08 2006

Re: yep.

Not as nice as you. SCORE!

10 08 2006

Thanks, Jen

Yes, Curtis has many great qualities. Hopefully Grace won’t corrupt him. (Just kidding, Grace. Now behave.)

16 08 2006

OK, I am personally in love with Grace’s fellow. I think my husband and I got married (30 years ago) without asking a single question about each other’s family. I probably said to him something like, “Trust me. You don’t wanna know.” And then he said “Ditto.” But I would love a prospective son or daughter-in-law to ask about OUR history, because we are extremely cool people! Hey, Doug and I have written songs our own KIDS have never heard. Hooray for Memory Lane!

Katy McKenna

16 08 2006

You are extremely cool indeed. People with cherry syrup in their you-know-whats tend to be coolish sorts.

Grace hadn’t heard some of the music we pulled out, either. She is much more impressed with us now. I should have done this years ago. I recommend that you and Doug put on some tie-dyed shirts, giant peace-sign necklaces, and daisy wreaths on your heads. Then play a few of your vintage tunes for the family. Their respect levels will shoot through the roof. I promise. (And please make a video and send me a copy. Thanks.)

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