a roomful of heads are apparently better than one

26 08 2006

Wednesday evening I was preparing dinner when George leaned against the counter and said, “Don’t put too much garlic in that chicken. I’m going to prayer meeting tonight.”

“Oh, okay. Don’t want your breath blowing everyone away.”

“Yeah. Craig likes for us all to pull our chairs into a close circle so that our heads are touching in the middle when we pray.”

That’s certainly taking togetherness to the next level, I thought, but . . . heads actually touching? “Wow. Are you serious?”


You have to understand something here. George makes absurd remarks like this all the time and I never believe him. Why I believed this is beyond my comprehension. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how absolutely ridiculous such an attempt would be–a dozen or so people trying to pray while keeping their heads all jammed into a tight circle. Impossible.

All through dinner and for the rest of the evening I kept busting out laughing at the image of this scene in my head–the joke all the more funny because I believed it. I’m losing my discriminatory edge, y’all. And it looks like it may be fun.



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26 08 2006

Prayer Huddle…

Give us this day right! Forgive our Trepasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, left! Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory amen, right up the middle! and BREAK!!

26 08 2006


Phil and George are going to get along really well.

(And everyone will just make fun of me.) I was reading thinking, “What kind of strange prayer ritual is that? I don’t know if I’d be comfortable doing that. What do they do at meals, stand over the table…no…that wouldn’t be possible.”

Oh. my. *sigh*

When I first met Phil I asked him what they did for fun in Missouri. (I’d never been West of Illinois) He said, “We sit on the porch and get high then shoot the chickens.”

I believed him for YEARS because he said it with a sober face. I never questioned it. I’d never lived in backwoods Missouri, I grew up 30 minutes from downtown Chicago.

If you ask him today about shootin’ chickens…well he still thinks it’s pretty funny that I actually believed it.

~michelle pendergrass

27 08 2006

Re: Prayer Huddle…

Ha! Good call. It does sound a bit like a football huddle. 🙂

27 08 2006

Re: Ack!

That’s too funny, Michelle. You must be pretty gullible. 🙂

Actually, when we sat down to eat that night, George and I did put our heads together to bless the food–just to be dorky. But it was only the two of us, so it wasn’t so hard to pull off.

I look forward to “making fun of you” at ACFW. And dancing. I’m all about dancing. Fun times!

28 08 2006

I’m always telling people not to believe stuff Peter says. And he says it with a straight face too. What is it with these guys? At least the kids have realized this. Half the time my daughter says, “Oh, Dad. You’re silly.” Not sure what “Calvin” thinks. He usually just growls.

Jen benny boo (should that be capitalized?)

29 08 2006

Jen-benny-boo. Not capitalized. Hyphenated.

Calvin growls? He’s awesome.

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