Bon Voyage!

29 08 2006

Tomorrow we fly! Venice, Krakow, Heidelberg, and Valbonne. Three weeks of not understanding people or being able to read road signs. I’m so stoked!

I don’t know how often we’ll have internet access, but if I can I’ll post updates. Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping a paper journal and will share some of the best stories with you when I get the chance.

I should probably go pack now, don’t you think? Ciao, my lovelies.



4 responses

30 08 2006

Have a fabulous time and a happy birthday!

Love, Sharon

30 08 2006

Hope you have a fantastic time! Please drool over the shoes in Venice on my behalf, and throw an extra cute Italian into your suitcase for me 😉

Travel safe. I look forward to hearing the stories when you get back 🙂

30 08 2006

gah! i’m so jealous!
p.s. i have now matched your color scheme. basically, i aspire to be as cool as you. maybe i should switch to the right eye too….

2 09 2006

I hope you’re having an awesome time! I love Venice!!


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